Hobo Village in Second Life
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The Hobo Village

Today I was checking some stuff out on the web and found an interesting blog entry here:

YouTube has an interesting video of a pretty extensive hobo village that’s been built in Second Life.

I checked out the video at YouTube.com and found it quite interesting. I did some more investigating and found more videos from the same guy at his YouTube Profile. He narrates all his videos which make it more interesting to me than other second life videos.

I also found that he has a site at thinkerer.org. He is looking for interesting people in the game and watching them interact with the hobo village. I am hoping to see more videos from this guy in the future. The stuff he has now was very interesting. Here are some links to his videos for easy access. You can also go to the link to his YouTube profile above!

The Hobo Village in Second Life is interesting

I actually went to the hobo village in the game and found it very nice and a great place to see some fantastic designs. There are other places to visit down the road like a fireworks shops and freebie place. Also saw a tree house and some horses for sale. There is an actual running train on the train tracks. A nice place to visit when you can!

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