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Open Source Virtual Worlds

Open life is another grid to play on like Second Life

I haven’t been active in Second Life for months now and figured I’d check up on it again. When I was reading other blogs I found a link to Opensim which is an open source project working on their own server similar to Second Life. In fact with every grid I checked out I used the Second Life client to connect. The servers I tried weren’t very busy but I was really only checking out how it compares to Second Life. There’s plenty of stuff that is missing and they are maybe years from getting everything to the level of Second Life.

Just by copying the shortcut for second life and adding some parameters you can log into one of these servers easily. Changing your appearance isn’t explained very well. You start off with a basic female avatar. You have to create a body, eye, skin and hair parts so you can wear and change them. On OSgrid you can play around with web pages on a prim! The most interesting thing I found was when I read articles about how they want to hook these grids up to Second Life and be able to move your avatar from one grid to another. It also seems like Second Life have plans of something like that too. With IBM and Microsoft interested in this project it looks very promising for the future.

Opensim is for making Grids for Second Life

After I played around with the other servers I decided to see if I can start a server of my own on my computer. I tried building with the source code but I got errors. Didn’t want to figure out why so I downloaded the already built server file. Got a server running on my windows system in minutes. Logged in and could walk and fly around a small island. To me that’s impressive and if these servers get more popular it could be very competitive to Second Life.

Virtual Me coming to a Virtual World

Actually this post has been siting in my head and was started in December. I found something in Second Life that I’m a big fan of but I was too late to actually experience it. So I was going to wait until this event finished so I can write about it and hope to find out when it happens again. All was going great and had some great info to share but then suddenly what I was going to write about disappeared. So I had to wait hoping it will come back.

I’m a “Big Brother” fan and haven’t missed a show yet. Yes the reality show called “Big Brother” from Endemol. I just don’t watch the US version I also watch the UK and Australian version. If I could understand other languages I’d watch the other shows all over the world. Let’s just say I have friends who can share these shows with me. I also read all the forums and around this time every year I get excited. More excited than I get during Halloween. Actually The Australian version just started while I am typing this out. Don’t bother me when all three versions are happening at the same time!

Reality TV show comes to Second Life with Big Brother

So now you know what I am posting about here. In December I found out that Endemol ran a “Big Brother” game inside Second Life. Picking 15 people to participate in their virtual game show on their island. These avatars had to stay in a house for 1 month doing tasks and trying to get along with each other. Each contestant had to spend at least 8 hours a day in the house. People could go to the island and watch what was happening in the house. Then the people who are watching could vote for the person they want to stay. The person with the least amount of votes gets evicted. This ended in January with Madlen Flint as the winner. Today the house is no more and no signs of Endemol in the world.

I was debating to post about it knowing their is no place in SL anymore or just forget about it and move on. I was lucky this month because I found an article on BBC which referred to Big Brother and another virtual world. Virtual Me seems like it will bring the reality games on TV and bring them in their own virtual world. Endemol partnered with EA bringing something new to the virtual world community is very interesting to me. In the press release it says they will have it opened in a couple of months. I’m waiting for any more info with anticipation! They probably tried Second life and wasn’t impressed by it and now creating something that will do exactly what they want.

Second Life casinos gets a FBI Visit.

Slots may not be around anymore in Second Life

This article was very interesting to me. I have tried some of the gambling in Second Life but didn’t make a lot. This was always troubling to me because of the current laws against gambling in my state and on the internet. I am not a big gambler in real life anyway so it was no surprise that I wouldn’t use it to make any serious money. My question is will the FBI even address this issue, not inforce it or start going after owners with no warnings? Governments usually never give a clear meaning in these circumstances. I guess we will have to wait and see if there is any answer to this question. Doesn’t look promising according to the article.

New Tringo on the block and it has TEETH!

Version 2.0 of Tringo is now being played in Second Life

I was lucky to find an event at 1am on March 1st in Second Life by Kermitt Quirk. I was searching for tringo games but didn’t find many except for something called tringo 2. Had to check it out and was amazed at all the options in this new version. The game comes with new block patterns, new style of playing and a brand new look! I didn’t even recognise the game when I got to the island.

The board of Tringo looks really nice now

The cards come out tumbling toward you when you click on the board. The cards look like a calculator with the score to the right side and the current block on the left side. Their are 20 different block sets each one with different strategies to get a high score. I was getting beaten up with some of these blocks. I was stuck in the first 5 moves playing with the wall block set. If you hated the X block in regular tringo you will hate the spotless pattern which has no middle block. There’s the smiley block set which was fun but challenging. The castle block set with a lot of big blocks looking like the letter A. Deathstar pattern with some having no block in the middle. The classic block set from the original version is available also!

Some of the other patterns are duck, eagle, snowflake, windmill, anchor, pacman, ghost, peace, pi, pipes, pyramid, star, teddy and tringo set. Another new feature is when you win you get fireworks coming from your board. It has a better way of splitting prize money when there is a tie between 2 or more players. The main board shows the top 10 scores and is just one piece instead of two pieces like in the original. The host can also set the number of rounds to play where the board resets at the end of each round but keeping your scores until all the rounds are played.

The best added feature is the different game variations, which are classic, last man standing and progressive. The Last Man Standing (LMS) is the best variation to play on some of the difficult block sets. If you can’t place a block on your board you are out of the game. The last player still in the game and with the highest score wins the pot! With the classic block set the game can last for hours with good players. The highest score I saw was 1000 and it took over 20 minutes to play. This should be a big hit with some of the tournament events for the future!

Kermitt Quirk showing off new version of Tringo in Second LifeTringo version 2.0 main board in Second Life

The progressive mode starts at a slower speed for the first round and then gets faster for each round played until it’s on speed which allows you 5 seconds to place your piece. This can be fun but I don’t expect this variation will be too popular. Also all the games can be set at any speed the host wants from 25 seconds to 5 seconds which is nice! I like it at 7 seconds.

During the month of March, Kermitt Quirk has his tringo 2 board setup at island. They have game events every day with different hosts. Most of the time the winner of the previous game picks the block set to play in the next game. Which brings in another reason to try to win so you can pick your favorite set. I’ve played all the block sets except for star. Some are easy and others are very challenging.

On April 1st it will be available to buy for anyone and should be seeing it throughout the world. At this time it’s only exclusive to the way2play island. The more people who play and find bugs the more stable the game will become. Kermitt will also listen to suggestions and problems so he can make it better. The one thing I want is some sound especially at the beginning of the game so I know when it starts. I sometimes miss it and too late to get a good score. Buyers may buy the classic tringo 1.2 game from this island and receive tringo 2 for free when it is available!

They have also released the pc downloadable version of the classic tringo game. You can either go to the island and click on the ads all over the place or go to their website here. The free trial version can be played for 45 minutes and then you must buy the full version. If you like the game that much then this is a good way of playing better! You will also find t-shirts you can buy on the island for $25L!

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No more slingo because the Devil May Care.

Second Life Devil May Care game is very popular

Slingo in Second Life has a new name with a new design and better gameplay. The new version which came out this year is now known as Devil May Care. Most of the events still use the name Slingo but some are using the abbreviation DMC. It’s the same game that I wrote about in a previous post. The best part is it should have less lag and keep track of the scores better. Owners can now set a minimum amount of money to put in the pot before you can take a card. They can also set a percentage amount of money to take from the pot for the owner of the game.

Slingo has changed into a new game called devil may care

Some of the game events require a minimum amount which can be from $5L to $100L to play. Obviously these places have the biggest pots. Easily can get to $1000L faster than a place which allows free play. I’ve been switching back and forth between free play and pay to play places. I figure out how much I am willing to spend that day and then when I use it up I move to the free plays until I win or get bored of losing. Another new feature is the maximum amount of cards can be set up to 30! Even at the laggy places it does a much better job then the older version.

Also remember to check the rules displayed in each game for the required percentage of your winnings to be put back into the pot. If you don’t you’ll get yelled at or banned. This allows the amount of money in the pot to stay high. Be sure to try this game out for this new year because it doesn’t look like it will go away any time soon.

For interested buyers of the game you can go to ImagineNation to buy and run your very own multi-player or solo slingo event yourself if you have the money to buy it of course!

Here are my favorite places to play the game:
  • ParrotHead Cove – $10 minimum. no lag and fun atmosphere to play in! playing most of the time.
  • IceDragons Playpen – Free but with lag. Sometimes they have to play only 15 rounds instead of the normal 20 due to slowness. Usually is played all the time.
  • South I – Free. no lag and fun people. Not playing all the time.