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Advanced Business Tips

I came across a great article about advanced business by Aimee Weber from the new world notes blog. She talks about how to advertise a business and how to get your name out to others. Most of the tips can be used for a business outside of second life as well. Be sure to read the comments because there are some excellent tips in there as well. I wanted to be sure eveyone reading this blog and VTOR authors knew about it. Very useful for people who has a business now or for future

Podcasters in Second Life

I am not a podcaster and I don’t listen to many podcasts. Recently I found some podcasters and podcast listeners inside second life. TD Goodliffe has his hmmcast so he might know more or be interested about this stuff. Heard on Adam Curry’s podcast that he signed up to second life in the last week of April and he really likes it. He bought land and put up a castle right away called “Curry Castle“. He has brought in many of his listeners and sometimes he’ll be online while he is working on his next podcast. His name in Second Life is Adam Neumann.

He has hinted on a bigger project that he is working on and he’ll announce more later on. He is really interested to find out how to run his own business in SL. Some other podcasters have followed Adam and bought land near his castle. Others are expressing interest in getting involved. Lot of the listeners joined up and you’ll find some at the castle waiting for Adam to log on.

Adam Curry Castle in Second Life with other podcasters

Look I even got a free podcast T-Shirt which you can find on top of the castle. He also has his newest podcast streaming on his land of course. Thought some might be interested and I actually am trying to listen to his shows more now.

Second life in the news

Second Life in the businessweek magazine

While I was browsing the web I found an article on second life in business week It’s a very interesting article that I thought the visitors and vtor authors might want to check out. It’s a great article that explains a lot about second life to new users also.

If anyone is listening to TWIT with leo laporte and other hosts, then you should check out TWIT #50 for a reference to second life. Doesn’t seem they know too much about it but at least it was talked about. I know Leo used to show off There on TV sometimes.

Doing business in Second Life? #2

Second Life Business

Selling skins is another business that can make some good money. Some really good skins can go for 4k lindens. Skins won’t move as well as other stuff, though. Selling art is very hard to do unless you’re really good at making art pictures.Looking for a location is an important step in getting your products seen. Either you can build a store of your own or rent space in a mall. You can click on the top of the second life screen where the name of the sim is and a window should come up. Look at the traffic area and find an area with lot of traffic for maximum exposure. Traffic with over 4000 are the best places! Anything with under 100 traffic wouldn’t be worth it. Classified ads is a really good marketing tool. An ad will cost $50l per week and go up from there.

When looking for a good vendor for your own land or a rental space in a mall then the best line is JEVN Vendor. Some rental places will charge per prim so you want to find the vendor which has a low prim count. Anything inside the vendor that you are selling does not count to the prim count. There are places which have free vendors for you to use

Of course like any business the more time you put into it the more money you will make.