Hockey teams playing in second life for the playoffs

Second Life Hockey League Keeps Going

Playing hockey in Second Life on a hockey rink

Second life residents are always surprising me with fun and interesting things to do in this virtual world. I recently found out about a hockey scripted event inside SL. These people have started a North American and a European league. The leagues are separated for better game times for everyone. At the end of a season they have a special event involving both leagues. The league was created in 2006 by Jack Belvedere and you can find more information from their website here.

I was interested in this as a viewer and not thinking about playing in a league. I attended a few games last month and found them very entertaining to watch. The players have equipment to wear and each team have their own uniforms. If you visit their rink you can also pick up some free equipment. I tried them on and it really makes your avatar into a hockey player. The skates are scripted so you feel like your skating on ice. There is not much to do without a puck which has to be dropped during a game though. Besides the players there are coaches on the side line and a referee watching for any penalties. Yes a player can be penalized for many things. The penalty for flying is one of those unique to SL. If a player is penalized they must go to the penalty box.

Hockey team playing in Second Life

The game is played almost like a real game. Each game has 3 periods lasting 5 minutes each. The clock starts when the referee releases the puck. Once the puck is released the players in the face off fight over control of the puck. The goals are scripted to help out with the scoring accurately. There are still issues with lag and crashing which sometimes will cause two pucks out at the same time. They have rules on what happens when players crash out in the middle of a game especially when it’s the goalie. What I find interesting is that the SLCN TV is actually broadcasting this event on their website with a commentator throughout the game.

Season 4 starts Nov 4 with games being played all day. So if you are interested in watching a game or play in the league teleport to the rink at Jericho Hill at 187, 124 (slurl). You can donate linden money to them or buy some shirts to support the league if you like it. If you have a related business you can even buy advertising just like the real life games.

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