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Organizing my Second Life Inventory

Right now I am organizing my 3 1/2 year old main account’s inventory on Second Life. It’s a big mess. I barely looked at much of the stuff I got. I have been very neat and tidy with my new alt accounts. Placing all the clothes in separate folders for each part of an outfit. I have so many landmarks that I need to check. I will list some of the ones from my previous posts which are still working and mention some that have disappeared.

Slingo the game in Second Life is funZyngo machine in Second Life is very popular
DMC on the left and the new Zyngo game on the right.

I’m sorry to see that some of the bigger places I used to play tringo and slingo are gone. IceDragons Playpen for example. Slingo turned into DMC and is rarely searchable in the events. Zyngo which is similar to DMC but is created by another person is now the most playable game. They have Zyngo multi boards and solo machines all over second life.

Teazers where I learned some stuff in classes is now gone. I did find some other classes in other places which I will want to try. Couldn’t find any places which show Rocky Horror Picture Show anymore but MST3K theaters are still around. Dr. who has gotten a lot bigger with a great place to visit with a museum and fun stuff to do. Couldn’t find any podcasters around or adam curry’s avatar anymore. Surprisingly I can’t find too many places that have tringo anymore. There are some new RPG games which are being played worldwide with vampires. Need to check that out soon. Dark Life is still running in a new place with new scripts too.

Reality TV show comes to Second Life with Big BrotherFishing pole is to fish in Second Life
Big brother in SL and fishing in SL.

Found Ice hockey with their leagues still being played. Seems like they are going strong. Snail races are still being done but in a different area I think. I missed this weekend’s race so not sure if it’s all the same yet. Fishing is still being played in the same places I found and updated to a new version.

Universal Motown Records Group, and Infinite mind is still there but geek squad, sundance channel and virtual nbc are gone. Found a pizza hut place you can order your RL pizza’s from which I haven’t tried yet.

Second Life Hockey League Keeps Going

Playing hockey in Second Life on a hockey rink

Second life residents are always surprising me with fun and interesting things to do in this virtual world. I recently found out about a hockey scripted event inside SL. These people have started a North American and a European league. The leagues are separated for better game times for everyone. At the end of a season they have a special event involving both leagues. The league was created in 2006 by Jack Belvedere and you can find more information from their website here.

I was interested in this as a viewer and not thinking about playing in a league. I attended a few games last month and found them very entertaining to watch. The players have equipment to wear and each team have their own uniforms. If you visit their rink you can also pick up some free equipment. I tried them on and it really makes your avatar into a hockey player. The skates are scripted so you feel like your skating on ice. There is not much to do without a puck which has to be dropped during a game though. Besides the players there are coaches on the side line and a referee watching for any penalties. Yes a player can be penalized for many things. The penalty for flying is one of those unique to SL. If a player is penalized they must go to the penalty box.

Hockey team playing in Second Life

The game is played almost like a real game. Each game has 3 periods lasting 5 minutes each. The clock starts when the referee releases the puck. Once the puck is released the players in the face off fight over control of the puck. The goals are scripted to help out with the scoring accurately. There are still issues with lag and crashing which sometimes will cause two pucks out at the same time. They have rules on what happens when players crash out in the middle of a game especially when it’s the goalie. What I find interesting is that the SLCN TV is actually broadcasting this event on their website with a commentator throughout the game.

Season 4 starts Nov 4 with games being played all day. So if you are interested in watching a game or play in the league teleport to the rink at Jericho Hill at 187, 124 (slurl). You can donate linden money to them or buy some shirts to support the league if you like it. If you have a related business you can even buy advertising just like the real life games.

Catch Fish – Second Life Style

Fun place to fish in Second Life

Need something to do to pass the time away in your Second Life? Fishing might be the answer! Yes there are people fishing in SL for fun, experience, social interaction or prizes! The way to get prizes and lindens is by registering for a fishing tournament. There is usually one tournament happening every day. They last little under an hour. Some will allow you to use any of the fishing rods you can buy at the fishing areas. Others will only allow special rods called event rods. You can find out more about the tournaments at their fishing website here.

Each rod can gain experience points the more you fish with them. The more experience the better chance of getting bigger fish which gives more points. To begin fishing you need to visit one of the fishing spots like Hearts Enchanted which used to be a busy place. Once you get there look for the vendor area in the middle of the dock. You can buy one of the easy packaged boxes on the floor. They go from the beginner rod all the way to the epic rod. These packages will have everything you need to start fishing right away. You can also buy the rod from a vendor machine but you will also have to buy some bait. The bait comes in various sizes. You must check the guide for your rod and buy the corresponding bait. Can’t fish without the right bait even in your second life.

Fishing pole is to fish in Second Life

Wear your fishing rod and place your bait on the floor. You should get a window asking if you want to load the bait to your rod or a queue. Load the bait to the rod. The queue is for easier loading of extra bait you might have bought. Now just click on your rod and a window will come up. Push the cast button and wait for a bite. That’s all you have to do when you want to fish in SL.

The majority of fish you catch will be in your inventory. You can keep or delete them. You can also rez your fish to take a look at the details. Some fish might have prizes in it and you will get the prizes when you rez them next to you. Other items you catch are for fishing quests which rewards you with prizes. Check for the quest vendors to get your quest box or check your package if you bought one. You can gain reward points for every catch you make and these can be traded for items. These reward items can be clothing for your avatar or stuff for fishing. It’s up to you what you want to trade your points for. The best part of fishing is the interaction with other people! You can gain friends while fishing during the day. Listen to the Simkast Radio station with live DJ’s who might be fishing next to you.

My fishing pole can catch fish in Second Life

Pizzeria – the game in Second Life for pizza lovers

Time to make some pizzas in Second Life with this game

If you like pizza as much as I do then maybe you’ll like to play a game called Pizzeria in Second Life. This game is very similar to games like Slingo and Tringo. Start off by clicking on the main board to get your game card. Then you can add money to the pot. Whoever wins at the end will get the full amount inside the pot.


The object of the game is to make a pizza and sell it for the highest points you can get. On the right side of the card you will see 4 changing tiles. These tiles will change with each round and can have a variety of different ingredients for your pizza. A pizza first needs a dough base then you must add the sauce with cheese right after. At this point it’s a simple pizza and you can click on the pizza to sell it for some points. The points for a basic pizza is a lot more than just selling the base or base and sauce.

Some of the other toppings you can add are mushrooms, olives and pepperoni but are all optional. Of course you will get more points for more toppings. Another thing you have to be aware of is their are 3 different sizes for a pizza. You can start with a small, medium or large base. Once you pick the size then you must add the equivalent size ingredients. Don’t place a large size sauce on a small size base or you will fail and lose some points.

There is a danger of burning the pizza if you get a random burn icon in the tile section in a round. If you burn it you will lose points and have to start your pizza again. There is also a bonus pizza which happens every 5 rounds. If you make the requested pizza then you get bonus points. Always check out the main board to know which pizza you need to make to get the bonus.

Here are some places which have pizzeria events regularly:
  • ParrotHead Cove – A nice place to play and the lag isn’t that bad.
  • IceDragons Playpen – Games can get laggy here. Lots of people playing games at same time.
  • Gioia – Nice comfortable to play when they have events. no lag when I was there.

Second Life sim invaders game comes alive!

When I first was introduced to Second Life I thought maybe I would be able to create games. As time went on I didn’t have the time to spend on it as much as I would like. Then with all the problems I found in SL I decided to wait. One game I had a dream about was a large scale video game. Instead of using a HUD or small prims on a card I thought it would be great to use your avatar to manipulate objects. Like an avatar sized pac man maze with ghosts running around. This would obviously mean I would need a big sim to even test it. The only games I have seen that do this are role playing games like darklife or role playing areas like star trek in SL.

Space invaders being played in Second Life

Recently I found someone who made a space invaders clone in the world. [SLURL: Sim Invaders location. Use teleport device at this place.] It looks like a regular video game machine but once you start playing you get big prim aliens moving across the sky. You are now controlling this spaceship prim with your keyboard. Firing lasers at the aliens coming down. It has a lot slower response then the original game but for this person to make a game like this is inspiring. I think the idea and the way it plays is great but the controls for moving is so slow it’s hard to really get into it.

Try to land the moon lander gently without crashing

I also found the classic moon lander from the 80’s as a game for your avatar to interact with. [SLURL: Lunar Lander Game. Look around the building for it.] Get in this spaceship and you will be blasted up to the sky but something goes wrong and now you are falling to the ground fast! You only have a limited amount of fuel to slow your speed enough to land safely. This is the stuff I want to see more of in this world. I can imagine a lot more games like these can be made and some have probably been made.

I am on the hunt for more and if anyone knows of any similar type stuff please respond to this post. This is the kind of that still pulls me back into Second Life. I have a lot more faith in the Second Life residents than I have for the Lindens. Actually the last time the Lindens excited me with something new was the flexible prims. Everything else they have done was disappointing.