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Virtual Live Band Rocks Second Life

Virtual Live Band plays in Second Life

I’ve always liked the live performances in Second Life ever since I first found them. Usually It’s one singer or a couple of people playing live from one place. I recently found a unique live event with a live band. They consist of 5 members from 3 countries and 5 different locations. One plays from Germany and another from UK with the rest playing from the U.S. They use a program to sync up called ninjam and then send the stream over to SL.

The majority of their songs are original but they do covers also. You can check out their website and find out more about them. Be sure to check out the days they will be playing so you can check them out!. Sign up for their group, “VLB group members”, in SL and find out instantly when they will be playing. You shouldn’t miss this band because they are good and really rock SL!

Let your VOICE be heard in Second Life

Adding voice feature in Second Life

CNET is reporting that Second Life will have a beta test of their new voice chatting capability. They will be using the Vivox voice services with spatial audio. This will allow voices to be heard from different positions. A person to your right will be heard from the right speaker and so on.

The beta test will be free for the month of march for a selected few people and then be launched for everyone at the end of the month. People will be able to speak to others around their avatar in group chat style up to 100 people. There is also a private chat where you can speak to a person anywhere in SL privately. Another option is speaking to a group of people located anywhere in SL. The only price I found is for land owners who can turn on or off the voice capability for a price. I haven’t found out how much it would cost for the regular user. Guess we will have to wait and see what will happen.

I am not a talkative person so this isn’t exciting to me as it is to others. I would rather type in chat And I fear that the ones who don’t use the voice chat will be the outsiders. Maybe I will just have to buy a headset and try it for a bit. I can’t see it being used at a music or movie event that’s for sure! Quiet in the front!!

Second Life World meets Infinite Mind

Listening and visiting the Infinite Mind in Second LifeThe National Radio Program Infinite Mind in Second Life

I wrote about how musicians are using second life to give their own concerts and receive tips from the audience. I also wrote about my absence in second life and I found out that I totally missed out on a big event in August. Suzanne Vega made an appearance in SL on August 3rd. Suzanne was interviewed on the “Infinite Mind” national radio program by John Hockenberry. Her song, “Tom’s diner“, was used to develop the now popular mp3 audio compression. She talked about it in the interview and even sang it in second life live. I was very sorry I missed this opportunity but I have found places on the net to watch the interview in video and audio files. There are also pictures taken inside second life and the real life studio. So she has became the first established musician to perform live in an online 3d world.

Infinite Mind has created a theater, museum, replica of their studio and other interesting stuff on their own sim. You can visit it now and wander around. Check out the machinima video at the screening rooms and maybe attend a live event when they have one in the future. They also interviewed author Kurt Vonnegut; designer John Maeda; and futurist Howard Rheingold inside Second Life in August. Last week on their radio program they aired the interviews which were taped previous. This week’s program and next week’s program will also air the other interviews. I’m happy that there are some serious people looking at SL for entertainment, business and information. This is only the start! I’ve been hearing of other musicians and big businesses looking at SL also. I’ll post about that in another post.

Mainstream Music Industry entering second life

Ever since I joined Second life I have been an explorer looking for adventures. I sometimes get surprised how much fun one can have in this virtual world without putting much money into it. I have no property or business but I can still make enough money to buy clothes. I usually make money by playing Slingo and Tringo. Also by attending scriptschool on fridays I can get some money too. I have played games, listened to live music and attended races. This time I found a place which is bringing the big music companies into second life. I’m not a big fan of the big music industry. I’d rather support the musicians and singers who are not signed. But when something big happens I have to check it out.

Universal Motown Records Group in Second Life

Something is happening on June 25th which is this weekend! The Universal Motown Records Group are bringing in two artists for a meet and great for their fans. I first found out about it from and started reading up on it more. I also travelled to the place at St. Martin region and was impressed with the setup. The first artist on June 25th will be Chamillionaire which I haven’t heard of but I’m probably just too old now. I listened to the tracks they had set up and wasn’t my type of music I’d listen to but I know their are a lot of fans out there. The next day on June 26th the band, Hinder, will be in second life also. Their music is more my type of style so I was entertained when I was listening to their music.

Here is the press release if you would like to read it for yourself. They are allowing 100 people into this event by using a trivia question. The first 100 correct answers will get their free tickets to the event. The “box office” opens on Friday morning at 9am SLT. This is actually an interesting idea because the fans should be the ones who attend the event. There will be a video of the event after for anyone who couldn’t attend. But 100 avatars may slow down the sim so I hope things will work out for them. Search for “soundscape” in the events tab for more info on this event.

Podcasters in Second Life

I am not a podcaster and I don’t listen to many podcasts. Recently I found some podcasters and podcast listeners inside second life. TD Goodliffe has his hmmcast so he might know more or be interested about this stuff. Heard on Adam Curry’s podcast that he signed up to second life in the last week of April and he really likes it. He bought land and put up a castle right away called “Curry Castle“. He has brought in many of his listeners and sometimes he’ll be online while he is working on his next podcast. His name in Second Life is Adam Neumann.

He has hinted on a bigger project that he is working on and he’ll announce more later on. He is really interested to find out how to run his own business in SL. Some other podcasters have followed Adam and bought land near his castle. Others are expressing interest in getting involved. Lot of the listeners joined up and you’ll find some at the castle waiting for Adam to log on.

Adam Curry Castle in Second Life with other podcasters

Look I even got a free podcast T-Shirt which you can find on top of the castle. He also has his newest podcast streaming on his land of course. Thought some might be interested and I actually am trying to listen to his shows more now.