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Finding Twinity From a SL Interview

Space Junky plays some great songs in Second Life

One day I was checking out some news about Second Life and found a nice interview of SpaceJunky from mmorpg. If you love live musical events in SL then you should check out this interview and the band. I will be looking for them in the future now that I’m spending a bit more time in SL. This band is the resident band of a new online show called “Life On Line”.

So of course I wanted to check out the show and went to their website. It’s a show about virtual worlds and social networks online. A very fun talk show which brings some great news of upcoming new technologies and talent. This is where I heard of a virtual world called Twinity. This new world is a bit different. They are making replicas of real life cities which they only have Berlin right now. Even the avatars can look like you in real life by using real pictures with their facegen setup.

Twinity is similar to Second Life as a virtual world
Made this with two pictures of me. Still doesn’t look exactly like me.

Twinity has events going on but I haven’t attended one yet. I’m just starting to check things out and made my avatar but it doesn’t look exactly like me. You can buy or rent apartments for yourself and decorate it with stuff you buy with virtual money. This is still in beta and their will be a subscription to have your own place in the future. It looks like you will be able to use real money to buy virtual things but not sure if you can take money out yet. I still need to explore more in the world but wanted to share it with others who might want to check it out.

Second Life Pizza Gets Some Real Life Delivery

Pizza ordered in Second Life

I actually love pizza but don’t order it often over the phone or on the internet. I have my local pizza places I love and then the big franchise places for a quick bite. There has been times while I’m working at home and start craving pizza. Now I have 3 choices to order it from home. I could call my local store to order some pizza or order it online from some famous franchises. Soon I will have an option to order it in second life.

If I’m playing a game or building something in Second Life then it might be easier to rez a gadget and order a pizza. I don’t see me ordering like this all the time but maybe at the beginning just to try it out. I would have a better chance of ordering take out in a virtual world if there was a lot to choose from. I hope there will be more places who will try this idea like I mentioned in another post about Most of the big businesses who come into SL use it for advertising primarily. I have noticed some who are trying new ideas.

The chance for me to order a pizza with my lindens money is a BIG plus for me! Especially the fact that I would have to wait a week just to get my money out of SL. I wonder how this pizza business is going to deal with the lindens. Maybe big businesses will have an easier time getting money out? Will they see it as a risk they are willing to take if they can’t get their money? Selling real stuff from second life will add some interesting problems especially hot food. This is a great idea but as a business it seems very risky especially reading about other people having problems with money in SL. [ furnation money problems ] [ dark life robbed ]

Second Life pizza ordered in for avatars

Pizzeria store selling virtual pizzas

A Pizza store in Second Life near beach

Real Life Pizza place advertising in SL

After reading about this I started to search around in Second Life and I found some interesting places. One place actually sells virtual pizzas. I bought a pepperoni and cheese pizza on a platter. Great for those virtual parties for my avatar! I can click on the pizza and I’ll receive an animated pizza slice. Sweet! Also I found a real pizza place advertising inside SL. They are from Switzerland and their sim looks really nice. Not sure how much business they get from SL.

Second Life Video Tutorials

I thought it would be a great idea to collect all the second life video tutorials I found on the internet for a post. I recently saw one that taught me something I never knew. I never knew I could move the camera this easily and without any restriction. Thought it would be very helpful to others as well!

A really good video tutorial on camera controls!

I think that should cover a lot of the video tutorials. The wiki at secondlife is the best to find all you can ever want. If I find any more interesting videos I’ll add them to this post later.

Where do I buy movie tickets with linden money?? moved in to Second Life to show trailers has moved into Second Life and that’s great, right? I can see myself playing some slingo and tringo to win some money and then buy some tickets to watch a movie at a local theater. I was all excited to visit the island for but couldn’t find a way to pay for tickets with lindens. All I could do was watch previews and get free 3d glasses. Yes the 3d glasses look really cool and watching previews can be interesting. When I click on the movie poster it links me to their website to buy tickets with real money.

I did find out if you go to the different theaters you will be able to see the preview which shows on the outside sign. I didn’t know this before and couldn’t find any instructions about this. They should have somewhere which explains this at least. Be sure you stop the movie first before going into another theater. Sometimes I get the same preview I saw or nothing but a blank screen.

Movietickets theater in Second Life showing trailers and advertisingChecking out theater where they show trailers
Some pictures of the theaters

You might have to wait a couple of seconds or a minute for the preview to start. Some theaters are not showing any previews or the wrong previews too. Couple of places didn’t have theater seating to sit on. There is also a teleporter on the left side of the building which takes you to each of the theaters. I barely found it and it didn’t list the previews playing. This place needs to be fixed up a bit more and I really want to see a way to buy tickets with lindens. Now that would be a big announcement! I hope they have this planned for the future! Reading the press release they do have some interesting ideas for the future.

Reality and Second Life meet with RHPS

Theater shows RHPS in Second Life

RHPS is a term used for the movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” which has a big fan base who watch the movie all over the world in theaters. Some dress up in outfits like the characters in the movie wear and also act out scenes on a stage. I wrote about a place in Second Life which shows the movie while others write funny remarks to the movie and also dress their avatars up.

I just found out about a special event at 12PM SLT on Thursday, March 1st, which will happen in real life and in virtual life. I read about it from a article and it caught my attention. The Pirate Cinema in Stockholm, Sweden, will be showing the movie to a real audience and will stream the screening in second life as well. They will probably be showing what is happening in second life to the first life audience as well so it’s a real test of virtual interaction. The screening will take place at The Office. I will try to attend and have some fun!

RHPS movie plays in Second Life sometimes with props

Click picture for a closer view of sim