Second Life Dark Life RPG game is fun

Want a RPG game?

This post is about an old game in Second Life which is no longer there in 2011. It’s left for history and memories of the past. Here’s an explanation.

Looking for a RPG game where you can get experience from killing monsters and magic points to cast spells? There are many games like that on the Internet. World of warcraft is the biggest one right now. Runescape is another and it’s free to play. Could you imagine a game like these in Second Life? Do you think it’s possible? Sure there are places where you can die from weapons and you get sent back to your home position but you don’t lose any items or anything else.

When you do a search for role playing games you will probably find some places in the find menu. Most of what you will find is Role playing areas where you take a role and stay in character but are not a game. If you are looking for a game then you should check out DarkLife! It’s very similar to Runescape but it’s very small and still needs a lot of work. I’ve been playing this game for two weeks. You get experience points, levels and mana points for magic. You can buy weapons and armor and find gold. Fight with rats, scorpions and skeletons! You can not fight another person yet but I’m sure that can be added also.

Dark Life game in Second Life

The first thing you need to do is buy a backpack, shield and a sword at the main store for $500L. Put on the backpack and you are now playing the game. Next wear the sword and the shield. All you have to do now is find where to fight the creatures. wander in or out of the town and you’ll find some rats. You can double click on a rat or let it attack you by getting close to it. You earn experience every time you hit it and you will find gold when you kill it. The gold can be used to buy weapons, armor, potions or spells. Most of the weapons and armor will cost 50L including an amount of gold. Be careful, wandering around too far can be disastrous. The place is small so the next creature you will see can be a much stronger foe. If you die then you must walk back to the shrine at the beginning of the game to bring you back to life but you will be missing some experience points.

Now this is a great game and has a huge potential for the future. Right now it’s small and can get boring fast. Fighting the same monsters at the same place can get tiring. A game like runescape has many places to fight and many monsters to fight. So DarkLife isn’t the best RPG game but it has so many potentials to go far! Recently this game was in a game competition in the Arcadia sim but sadly it didn’t win and came in 6th place. Just think what this game will be with enough space and support behind it? I’m looking forward to more games like this to make second life more competitive and fun for players!

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