Second Life has a theater which some go to and watch RHPS
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Reality and Second Life meet with RHPS

Theater shows RHPS in Second Life

RHPS is a term used for the movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” which has a big fan base who watch the movie all over the world in theaters. Some dress up in outfits like the characters in the movie wear and also act out scenes on a stage. I wrote about a place in Second Life which shows the movie while others write funny remarks to the movie and also dress their avatars up.

I just found out about a special event at 12PM SLT on Thursday, March 1st, which will happen in real life and in virtual life. I read about it from a article and it caught my attention. The Pirate Cinema in Stockholm, Sweden, will be showing the movie to a real audience and will stream the screening in second life as well. They will probably be showing what is happening in second life to the first life audience as well so it’s a real test of virtual interaction. The screening will take place at The Office. I will try to attend and have some fun!

RHPS movie plays in Second Life sometimes with props
Click picture for a closer view of sim

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