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Walking for linden money instead of camping?

Publicenter walking board for Second LifePublicenter walking boards ready to be used in Second Life

I found a place in Second Life which allows you to wear an advertising board on your avatar so you can walk around as a moving ad. You can make $2L/10 min walking around. First you go to publicenter corporation (SLURL) and go to the back of the building to find the ad distributors. Click on the device and you will receive the wearable ad in your inventory. Wear it and a notecard will tell you the rules!


This rule looks very clear to me so when I walk around in second life with this on I stay on the public street. There is a floating text above me to show others how to get involved with this. It’s not a lot of money and I have no idea how they track to make sure you are following the rules. I walked around, stood still, sat down and still made the 2L every 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes the money gets paid to you right away. Don’t have to wait to go back to the center. But after awhile you will be told to go back to the center to get a new ad board.

I’m sure there are camping chairs and other places which pay lot more than this. After checking this out they moved their building to a new sim. There’s also been talk about it being a scam from Prokofy Neva who had a store near them. At this time of this writing I have used it and did get paid. As an advertiser I would hope they give information where these people are going. I have seen some of these people wearing the board in private places which is not liked by the owners.

Instead of camping you can walk around with an adboardThese walking adboards are being banned in Second Life

For people who are looking to advertise this way there is an email to get information about the prices. Not sure what ads they accept but most look like international places. There is no other information about the prices in the building so they probably want to deal directly with the advertiser. I have no ad to place so I can’t try it and see the results. It is an interesting idea outside of the camping chair mentality. Just have to wait and see how long they will be providing this service or how many people get banned from places who don’t want them.

Is this better or worse than giving out t-shirts with your place’s name on it? One difference is the boards pay for you to wear them. Another difference is that the boards are scripted which won’t work in non scripting areas. Is this good or bad for advertisers? Is this good or bad for Second Life. In my opinion it’s too early to know for sure. There are better ways to advertise in SL and better ways to make money.

Where do I buy movie tickets with linden money?? moved in to Second Life to show trailers has moved into Second Life and that’s great, right? I can see myself playing some slingo and tringo to win some money and then buy some tickets to watch a movie at a local theater. I was all excited to visit the island for but couldn’t find a way to pay for tickets with lindens. All I could do was watch previews and get free 3d glasses. Yes the 3d glasses look really cool and watching previews can be interesting. When I click on the movie poster it links me to their website to buy tickets with real money.

I did find out if you go to the different theaters you will be able to see the preview which shows on the outside sign. I didn’t know this before and couldn’t find any instructions about this. They should have somewhere which explains this at least. Be sure you stop the movie first before going into another theater. Sometimes I get the same preview I saw or nothing but a blank screen.

Movietickets theater in Second Life showing trailers and advertisingChecking out theater where they show trailers
Some pictures of the theaters

You might have to wait a couple of seconds or a minute for the preview to start. Some theaters are not showing any previews or the wrong previews too. Couple of places didn’t have theater seating to sit on. There is also a teleporter on the left side of the building which takes you to each of the theaters. I barely found it and it didn’t list the previews playing. This place needs to be fixed up a bit more and I really want to see a way to buy tickets with lindens. Now that would be a big announcement! I hope they have this planned for the future! Reading the press release they do have some interesting ideas for the future.

Advanced Business Tips

I came across a great article about advanced business by Aimee Weber from the new world notes blog. She talks about how to advertise a business and how to get your name out to others. Most of the tips can be used for a business outside of second life as well. Be sure to read the comments because there are some excellent tips in there as well. I wanted to be sure eveyone reading this blog and VTOR authors knew about it. Very useful for people who has a business now or for future

Doing business in Second Life? #2

Second Life Business

Selling skins is another business that can make some good money. Some really good skins can go for 4k lindens. Skins won’t move as well as other stuff, though. Selling art is very hard to do unless you’re really good at making art pictures.Looking for a location is an important step in getting your products seen. Either you can build a store of your own or rent space in a mall. You can click on the top of the second life screen where the name of the sim is and a window should come up. Look at the traffic area and find an area with lot of traffic for maximum exposure. Traffic with over 4000 are the best places! Anything with under 100 traffic wouldn’t be worth it. Classified ads is a really good marketing tool. An ad will cost $50l per week and go up from there.

When looking for a good vendor for your own land or a rental space in a mall then the best line is JEVN Vendor. Some rental places will charge per prim so you want to find the vendor which has a low prim count. Anything inside the vendor that you are selling does not count to the prim count. There are places which have free vendors for you to use

Of course like any business the more time you put into it the more money you will make.

Doing business in Second Life?

I took a class at Teazers about how to make money in Second Life. It was very informative on what types of business one can have in this virtual world. I don’t want to explain everything that was said because attending these classes are the best way to learn! Plus these instructors do a lot of work and will answer any questions you may have! We went through some businesses that would make money and others that may not.

One of the biggest moving business is clothing. Making your own clothes and then selling them in your own store or a mall is a good way of making some money. One graphic program that was mentioned at this class is because it’s free. If you’d like to pay for a program to make clothes then you can go with photoshop CS or Paint Shop Pro.

Also animations is a good product to sell cause lot of people get bored with what they have now. A good program for animation is avimator which is free. I’m not going to explain how to make clothes, animations or poses in this post but when you upload an image to second life there is a trick that some people don’t know about.

When you first upload an image, a window pops up showing you the picture and then two buttons on the bottom, Upload and a cancel button. In the middle you will see, “Preview image as:”, Click in the pull down menu that says image. You can pick from that selection to show how the texture will look on your body BEFORE PAYING FOR UPLOAD!

You can zoom in on your body by your mouse wheel or use [ALT] + left mouse button and moving the mouse up and down. To move the camera around your body use [ALT] + left mouse button on the image and move your mouse to the right or left! To move the camera around your body up and down you can use [ALT] + [CTRL] + left mouse button and then move up and down on your mouse. To move the camera off center you can use [CTRL] + [ALT] + [SHIFT] + left mouse button and move your mouse where you want the camera to be. Using the [ALT], [CTRL], [SHIFT] commands in Second life sims will also do the same thing if you didn’t know that. By using [ALT] + left mouse button you can set up where your center point for the camera will be! Once you are satisfied with the looks then you can upload and pay.

The next thing we started to talk about is stuff that are harder to make money from. Selling houses is one of these cause you need land to show off your homes which would cost more money if you want to show all your houses. Also you need to make unique houses which means a lot of work for you to do and you must have a crative mind. Another business that would be hard to get into is scripting. The important thing here is you need to have a product to sell with the script. Selling just the script won’t sell as much. Building a lamp with a lamp script would sell more than trying to sell the lamp script for example.

I will continue this in another post for the second part of businesses in second life.