Halloween is fun in Second Life with special haunted events

Haunted Followup

I wrote a lot about the Halloween events last month so I thought I should just give a followup of my experiences. There were some great places I visited in Second Life. One of the first places I found was the City of the DEAD while looking for a costume. The costume that I found was bloody and I loved it. I also found a costume with bullet holes which I can wear over a shirt. This is what I am wearing now until I feel in a different mood. Looking at these costumes gave me some great ideas for my next try in making clothes.

My avatar hung in Second Life for HalloweenSecond Life has Halloween props like this electric chair

Next I started to look for haunted houses for events. Some of the places really was amazing and I was sure to donate some money to their donation jars. I especially liked the Haunted Castle Maze! I have to admit that I haven’t finished this maze yet. Not because it was hard but because I didn’t have enough time. Also I found something else on Halloween day that took up hours of my time.

The place I found was SL Ghost Hill which I wrote about in my halloween day post. I found out about it from the Halloween goody bag I got from a linden. I didn’t have time to wander through it before I posted so I placed it 3rd on the list. If I had enough time I would have placed this place first on the list. It costs $50L for a 24 hour period but it was well worth the price. The biggest problem I had was the maze at the beginning. I was on the phone with a friend and I was getting so disouraged because everything was so black. This maze should have been easier to get through. I had to put up my brightness and contrast on my monitor to finally figure out the path which still was very hard. I do have to give my congrats to the staff who went out of there way to guide people through the maze. This is the reason a lot of people kept on going through the maze.

Once past the maze the mystery begins. You follow the events of Stephen Fonzarelli who was never seen again after entering the Ghost Hill house. Your job is to find 15 clues and a list of those clues in the sim. You can find these clues either in the house or other places outside. Some of these clues are really very hard to find and others were easy. You must look at everything very carefully moving the camera around to find all the clues. One of the reasons I liked this so much is because they also have a contest for everyone who has found all 15 clues. You can read more about it at their web page here! This contest ends on November 15th so you still might have time to enter this contest. Just find all 15 clues and you might win the 1/3 of the money made for this event. Not a bad way of getting some money for the lucky few. I also found a post about Ghost Hill at the “Second Life Herald” which is broken up into parts.

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