Organizing my Second Life Inventory

Right now I am organizing my 3 1/2 year old main account’s inventory on Second Life. It’s a big mess. I barely looked at much of the stuff I got. I have been very neat and tidy with my new alt accounts. Placing all the clothes in separate folders for each part of an outfit. I have so many landmarks that I need to check. I will list some of the ones from my previous posts which are still working and mention some that have disappeared.

Slingo the game in Second Life is funZyngo machine in Second Life is very popular
DMC on the left and the new Zyngo game on the right.

I’m sorry to see that some of the bigger places I used to play tringo and slingo are gone. IceDragons Playpen for example. Slingo turned into DMC and is rarely searchable in the events. Zyngo which is similar to DMC but is created by another person is now the most playable game. They have Zyngo multi boards and solo machines all over second life.

Teazers where I learned some stuff in classes is now gone. I did find some other classes in other places which I will want to try. Couldn’t find any places which show Rocky Horror Picture Show anymore but MST3K theaters are still around. Dr. who has gotten a lot bigger with a great place to visit with a museum and fun stuff to do. Couldn’t find any podcasters around or adam curry’s avatar anymore. Surprisingly I can’t find too many places that have tringo anymore. There are some new RPG games which are being played worldwide with vampires. Need to check that out soon. Dark Life is still running in a new place with new scripts too.

Reality TV show comes to Second Life with Big BrotherFishing pole is to fish in Second Life
Big brother in SL and fishing in SL.

Found Ice hockey with their leagues still being played. Seems like they are going strong. Snail races are still being done but in a different area I think. I missed this weekend’s race so not sure if it’s all the same yet. Fishing is still being played in the same places I found and updated to a new version.

Universal Motown Records Group, and Infinite mind is still there but geek squad, sundance channel and virtual nbc are gone. Found a pizza hut place you can order your RL pizza’s from which I haven’t tried yet.

Second Life Still Alive

I’ve been spending a lot of my time recently in Second Life. Mostly attending special events, clubs and some games. I sometimes will find a good club with a live DJ and just dance while I actually work in RL. Other times I’ll find a nice place to camp but getting $2L for 20 minutes with a maximum of $20L per day just isn’t worth the trouble. There are some camping out there which gives out a lot more but usually I find the same amounts as I described. I have sat on some of the camping chairs to get a free product. Sat for some shoes for 4 hours.

Second Life is still surviving after all these years and doing well

I recently found a blog post which describes a nielsen rating for March 2009 of Top PC Game Titles. Second Life came in at #2 with WOW at the very top. There is a big discussion going on in that post which I’ll leave for interested users to read. What the chart really says is that users of Second Life play it a lot more hours then users of the other games. There was also a correction post describing that SL was the 8th game in popularity in the nielsen ratings. In my opinion, Second Life, has a small amount of users but those users are dedicated and find many reasons to play for hours a day. I find the nielsen chart to be very interesting from my own personal experiences. I find myself wanting to find new places to explore, create new stuff and make new friends. SL is more a social place for many people I talk to. There is a wide amount of different communities for everything. I also find a lot more international people doing business inside SL.

I still think SL has some promises but there are some major competition coming up this and next year. I think Second Life will still be the best virtual world for user created content. Some of the upcoming virtual worlds may get more advertisers from big companies, though. That could get more users to their worlds and leave SL behind.

Second Life’s Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland ride is very fun
A great ride in Second Life is Alice in Wonderland

I’ve written about dark rides in second life before and I just found another one. It’s not a Halloween dark ride like the others I have seen. This one is all about Alice in Wonderland. It’s a great design and the exterior is amazing.

Alice in Wonderland ride in Second Life

Just click on the sign to request a gondola. Sit in it and then click on the pocketwatch. Keep the view in mouselook and set the day as midnight to get the best effect. There are sound effects too so be sure to turn up the volume. There are many other designs I have seen which are amazing and shows how much talent there still is in the world. I’m still having fun exploring the world. Maybe I’ll find a good way to make money or just continue having fun.

Alice in Wonderland ride showing long hallwayScenery from the Alice in Wonderland ride

Revisiting Second Life

This year has been interesting with many changes in my life and online life. I played LOTRO for almost 2 years straight. Beginning of this year I stopped playing for many personal reasons. I went to Second Life to keep me entertained. I now have 4 avatars. All age verified. Each one for a different reason. Johnnyrs is my main and has the most money but stays clear of the adult stuff. The other 3 are free to have fun anywhere. All of my accounts are free and homeless at this time. This can change in the future if I can find something to make money from.

None of my accounts are there to lie or be very different from myself. All are aspects of my life that I like but don’t blend very well. That might not be clear but it feels comfortable to me. Each avatar has their own place and groups they like. One loves to dance at clubs with DJ’s. Johnnyrs plays zyngo and looks for games to make money. Another looks for fetish places to have fun. Then there’s the one who is usually found in an adult areas.

Revisiting Second Life Revisiting Second Life Revisiting Second Life

Two of my accounts can make money every day. Zyngo can bring in some good money daily if I’m lucky. Some people are making thousands of lindens a day. I don’t make that much. I am starting to use the profile picks camping system to make some money as well. Regular sim camping makes money too but the money is so small that I’d rather do something else now. Dance clubs, tipping and special contests are other ways I’m making money too. In the future I want to describe some of the different ways of making easy money in a future post.

Lot of money trees and other camping systems now check to see if you have credit info before paying. I found a few that will check to see if you have used that credit info to buy something yet or if you are a paying account before paying. I didn’t find any problems with this stuff. Age verification was easy for me. Soon SL will restrict access to adult areas using the age verification which could cause some problems with others. Right now it’s the owners job to restrict access.

The one thing I find different from LOTRO and SL is the community. For me at this time I like a community with very little drama and changes. LOTRO provided too much drama and changes that drove friendships to fall apart. I found some small issues ended up to be bigger then it should be. It also got boring after doing the same raid over and over again. In SL I am finding very little change and less drama with the groups I am hanging out with. Lot of support from groups for many issues which I needed. Something different to do when I want a change. I will go back to LOTRO one of these days but only when I’m ready. I resubscribed to runescape this month also for another form of entertainment. Lot of changes in that game which I’ll be posting about.

Finding Twinity From a SL Interview

Space Junky plays some great songs in Second Life

One day I was checking out some news about Second Life and found a nice interview of SpaceJunky from mmorpg. If you love live musical events in SL then you should check out this interview and the band. I will be looking for them in the future now that I’m spending a bit more time in SL. This band is the resident band of a new online show called “Life On Line”.

So of course I wanted to check out the show and went to their website. It’s a show about virtual worlds and social networks online. A very fun talk show which brings some great news of upcoming new technologies and talent. This is where I heard of a virtual world called Twinity. This new world is a bit different. They are making replicas of real life cities which they only have Berlin right now. Even the avatars can look like you in real life by using real pictures with their facegen setup.

Twinity is similar to Second Life as a virtual world
Made this with two pictures of me. Still doesn’t look exactly like me.

Twinity has events going on but I haven’t attended one yet. I’m just starting to check things out and made my avatar but it doesn’t look exactly like me. You can buy or rent apartments for yourself and decorate it with stuff you buy with virtual money. This is still in beta and their will be a subscription to have your own place in the future. It looks like you will be able to use real money to buy virtual things but not sure if you can take money out yet. I still need to explore more in the world but wanted to share it with others who might want to check it out.