Mainstream Music Industry having an event and place in Second Life
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Mainstream Music Industry entering second life

Ever since I joined Second life I have been an explorer looking for adventures. I sometimes get surprised how much fun one can have in this virtual world without putting much money into it. I have no property or business but I can still make enough money to buy clothes. I usually make money by playing Slingo and Tringo. Also by attending scriptschool on fridays I can get some money too. I have played games, listened to live music and attended races. This time I found a place which is bringing the big music companies into second life. I’m not a big fan of the big music industry. I’d rather support the musicians and singers who are not signed. But when something big happens I have to check it out.

Universal Motown Records Group in Second Life

Something is happening on June 25th which is this weekend! The Universal Motown Records Group are bringing in two artists for a meet and great for their fans. I first found out about it from and started reading up on it more. I also travelled to the place at St. Martin region and was impressed with the setup. The first artist on June 25th will be Chamillionaire which I haven’t heard of but I’m probably just too old now. I listened to the tracks they had set up and wasn’t my type of music I’d listen to but I know their are a lot of fans out there. The next day on June 26th the band, Hinder, will be in second life also. Their music is more my type of style so I was entertained when I was listening to their music.

Here is the press release if you would like to read it for yourself. They are allowing 100 people into this event by using a trivia question. The first 100 correct answers will get their free tickets to the event. The “box office” opens on Friday morning at 9am SLT. This is actually an interesting idea because the fans should be the ones who attend the event. There will be a video of the event after for anyone who couldn’t attend. But 100 avatars may slow down the sim so I hope things will work out for them. Search for “soundscape” in the events tab for more info on this event.

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