Podcasters having some fun in Second Life

Podcasters in Second Life

I am not a podcaster and I don’t listen to many podcasts. Recently I found some podcasters and podcast listeners inside second life. TD Goodliffe has his hmmcast so he might know more or be interested about this stuff. Heard on Adam Curry’s podcast that he signed up to second life in the last week of April and he really likes it. He bought land and put up a castle right away called “Curry Castle“. He has brought in many of his listeners and sometimes he’ll be online while he is working on his next podcast. His name in Second Life is Adam Neumann.

He has hinted on a bigger project that he is working on and he’ll announce more later on. He is really interested to find out how to run his own business in SL. Some other podcasters have followed Adam and bought land near his castle. Others are expressing interest in getting involved. Lot of the listeners joined up and you’ll find some at the castle waiting for Adam to log on.

Adam Curry Castle in Second Life with other podcasters

Look I even got a free podcast T-Shirt which you can find on top of the castle. He also has his newest podcast streaming on his land of course. Thought some might be interested and I actually am trying to listen to his shows more now.

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