Virtual Big Brother is played in Second Life
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Virtual Me coming to a Virtual World

Actually this post has been siting in my head and was started in December. I found something in Second Life that I’m a big fan of but I was too late to actually experience it. So I was going to wait until this event finished so I can write about it and hope to find out when it happens again. All was going great and had some great info to share but then suddenly what I was going to write about disappeared. So I had to wait hoping it will come back.

I’m a “Big Brother” fan and haven’t missed a show yet. Yes the reality show called “Big Brother” from Endemol. I just don’t watch the US version I also watch the UK and Australian version. If I could understand other languages I’d watch the other shows all over the world. Let’s just say I have friends who can share these shows with me. I also read all the forums and around this time every year I get excited. More excited than I get during Halloween. Actually The Australian version just started while I am typing this out. Don’t bother me when all three versions are happening at the same time!

Reality TV show comes to Second Life with Big Brother

So now you know what I am posting about here. In December I found out that Endemol ran a “Big Brother” game inside Second Life. Picking 15 people to participate in their virtual game show on their island. These avatars had to stay in a house for 1 month doing tasks and trying to get along with each other. Each contestant had to spend at least 8 hours a day in the house. People could go to the island and watch what was happening in the house. Then the people who are watching could vote for the person they want to stay. The person with the least amount of votes gets evicted. This ended in January with Madlen Flint as the winner. Today the house is no more and no signs of Endemol in the world.

I was debating to post about it knowing their is no place in SL anymore or just forget about it and move on. I was lucky this month because I found an article on BBC which referred to Big Brother and another virtual world. Virtual Me seems like it will bring the reality games on TV and bring them in their own virtual world. Endemol partnered with EA bringing something new to the virtual world community is very interesting to me. In the press release it says they will have it opened in a couple of months. I’m waiting for any more info with anticipation! They probably tried Second life and wasn’t impressed by it and now creating something that will do exactly what they want.

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