Archebooks promoting inside Second Life for books

Second Life Newbie? Read a book!

Archebooks Publishing eBook store in Second Life

Here is one example where a company in Second Life got me interested in their real life work. I was searching around for stuff to do and found an event about a new book. This new book is “A beginner’s guide to Second Life” and you can read chapter 8 in second life. They also have a sample of the first chapter and chapter 8 on their website at Don’t know why I wasn’t able to read the first chapter in Second life.

When you go to their SL eBook store you will see some other books on display that you can sample too. Just buy them for free and wear it. You will find that a book comes up as a HUD display. Click on the pages to turn to the next page. I didn’t find it easy to read because of the slow rezzing and being a bit blurry. It’s still an interesting concept and it got me to their page where I found some books I might want to buy. The samples on the webpage are in pdf form and a lot easier to read.

Archebooks using a Book Hud to promote books in Second Life

This was only a post about the store in Second Life and the promotion of their website. This isn’t a review of the book because I haven’t bought it and only read the sample chapters. From what I read it looks very helpful for any newbies to this virtual world. You can also buy this book and others from some well known book stores online.

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