Sim invaders game for an avatar to play in Second Life

Second Life sim invaders game comes alive!

When I first was introduced to Second Life I thought maybe I would be able to create games. As time went on I didn’t have the time to spend on it as much as I would like. Then with all the problems I found in SL I decided to wait. One game I had a dream about was a large scale video game. Instead of using a HUD or small prims on a card I thought it would be great to use your avatar to manipulate objects. Like an avatar sized pac man maze with ghosts running around. This would obviously mean I would need a big sim to even test it. The only games I have seen that do this are role playing games like darklife or role playing areas like star trek in SL.

Space invaders being played in Second Life

Recently I found someone who made a space invaders clone in the world. [SLURL: Sim Invaders location. Use teleport device at this place.] It looks like a regular video game machine but once you start playing you get big prim aliens moving across the sky. You are now controlling this spaceship prim with your keyboard. Firing lasers at the aliens coming down. It has a lot slower response then the original game but for this person to make a game like this is inspiring. I think the idea and the way it plays is great but the controls for moving is so slow it’s hard to really get into it.

Try to land the moon lander gently without crashing

I also found the classic moon lander from the 80’s as a game for your avatar to interact with. [SLURL: Lunar Lander Game. Look around the building for it.] Get in this spaceship and you will be blasted up to the sky but something goes wrong and now you are falling to the ground fast! You only have a limited amount of fuel to slow your speed enough to land safely. This is the stuff I want to see more of in this world. I can imagine a lot more games like these can be made and some have probably been made.

I am on the hunt for more and if anyone knows of any similar type stuff please respond to this post. This is the kind of that still pulls me back into Second Life. I have a lot more faith in the Second Life residents than I have for the Lindens. Actually the last time the Lindens excited me with something new was the flexible prims. Everything else they have done was disappointing.

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