Second Life World Meets Infinite Mind

Second Life World meets Infinite Mind

Listening and visiting the Infinite Mind in Second LifeThe National Radio Program Infinite Mind in Second Life

I wrote about how musicians are using second life to give their own concerts and receive tips from the audience. I also wrote about my absence in second life and I found out that I totally missed out on a big event in August. Suzanne Vega made an appearance in SL on August 3rd. Suzanne was interviewed on the “Infinite Mind” national radio program by John Hockenberry. Her song, “Tom’s diner“, was used to develop the now popular mp3 audio compression. She talked about it in the interview and even sang it in second life live. I was very sorry I missed this opportunity but I have found places on the net to watch the interview in video and audio files. There are also pictures taken inside second life and the real life studio. So she has became the first established musician to perform live in an online 3d world.

Infinite Mind has created a theater, museum, replica of their studio and other interesting stuff on their own sim. You can visit it now and wander around. Check out the machinima video at the screening rooms and maybe attend a live event when they have one in the future. They also interviewed author Kurt Vonnegut; designer John Maeda; and futurist Howard Rheingold inside Second Life in August. Last week on their radio program they aired the interviews which were taped previous. This week’s program and next week’s program will also air the other interviews. I’m happy that there are some serious people looking at SL for entertainment, business and information. This is only the start! I’ve been hearing of other musicians and big businesses looking at SL also. I’ll post about that in another post.

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