Cleaning out my inventory from Second Life

Organizing my Second Life Inventory

Right now I am organizing my 3 1/2 year old main account’s inventory on Second Life. It’s a big mess. I barely looked at much of the stuff I got. I have been very neat and tidy with my new alt accounts. Placing all the clothes in separate folders for each part of an outfit. I have so many landmarks that I need to check. I will list some of the ones from my previous posts which are still working and mention some that have disappeared.

Slingo the game in Second Life is funZyngo machine in Second Life is very popular
DMC on the left and the new Zyngo game on the right.

I’m sorry to see that some of the bigger places I used to play tringo and slingo are gone. IceDragons Playpen for example. Slingo turned into DMC and is rarely searchable in the events. Zyngo which is similar to DMC but is created by another person is now the most playable game. They have Zyngo multi boards and solo machines all over second life.

Teazers where I learned some stuff in classes is now gone. I did find some other classes in other places which I will want to try. Couldn’t find any places which show Rocky Horror Picture Show anymore but MST3K theaters are still around. Dr. who has gotten a lot bigger with a great place to visit with a museum and fun stuff to do. Couldn’t find any podcasters around or adam curry’s avatar anymore. Surprisingly I can’t find too many places that have tringo anymore. There are some new RPG games which are being played worldwide with vampires. Need to check that out soon. Dark Life is still running in a new place with new scripts too.

Reality TV show comes to Second Life with Big BrotherFishing pole is to fish in Second Life
Big brother in SL and fishing in SL.

Found Ice hockey with their leagues still being played. Seems like they are going strong. Snail races are still being done but in a different area I think. I missed this weekend’s race so not sure if it’s all the same yet. Fishing is still being played in the same places I found and updated to a new version.

Universal Motown Records Group, and Infinite mind is still there but geek squad, sundance channel and virtual nbc are gone. Found a pizza hut place you can order your RL pizza’s from which I haven’t tried yet.

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