Four Eyed Monsters Movie in Second Life

Four Eyed Monsters Review

It’s getting harder to follow all the special events happening in second life. The Sundance channel showing of “Four Eyed Monsters” was one of those I might not have found if I didn’t read a post about it. I am glad I did and attended this unique event. Before the movie was shown I checked out the Sundance Channel Sim and found other people waiting around for the movie to start. I counted 22 people in the theater chatting with hours to go until the movie started. I went off to do some other stuff and made sure I would be reminded about this event.

The Elbow Room theater where I saw the movie.
Four Eyed Monsters movie played in Second Life

When the time came I tried to go to the Sundance Sim again but it was too full. I am so glad they had other places that was screening the movie. I went to the most interesting place I know of and that was the Elbow Room. Once I started the movie I found out if was upside down. I never had that experience in second life before. The only way I found to fix the problem is re-login which made me miss parts in the beginning. Started watching and was getting into the movie. Tried to take a picture and the sound stopped. GRRRRR. Tried to start it up again but I couldn’t get it to work. I had to re-login and it worked but later on I found that I could have fixed it by walking to another sim but I didn’t try it so I am not sure if it would have fixed it.

Now I’m getting into this movie which was about two people starting a relationship but they decided to not speak to each other. They could only use a phone, writing, camera, Internet and any other media to express themselves. It was a very good docu-drama and very artistic. I was having fun and the others around me were enjoying it. Because I was watching it at a theater where they usually riff other movies there was a lot of people making fun of the movie too. I find some of the stuff they were saying were hilarious but the majority of the people really enjoyed the movie.

Sundance Channel Sim Theater where I saw the Last part of the movie.
Watched Four Eyed Monster in Second Life on this theater

Now the movie is getting to the ending. We all want to know what will happen to this relationship at the end when all of a sudden the video feed was having problems. The movie was getting pixelated and wasn’t able to watch anything. Everyone around me was disappointed they couldn’t see the ending of this movie. Some went to the website and bought the DVD. Others just wanted to complain to people who couldn’t do anything about it. Some joined the Sundance channel group to find out what happened. I was disappointed but joined the group and waited. I found out that other places had a similar problem so I kept trying to teleport to the Sundance Sim and finally got in. Sat down in the theater and waited again. What I thought might happen did happen. They showed the last part of the movie again and I was satisfied. The filmakers were in the group answering questions and was good to hear about the behind the scenes stuff. On their web page at, there’s a section for people to request the showing of their movie in real life cities and second life. If 150 people request a screening at a place then it’s very likely it will happen. So I’m sure there will be another showing in Second Life.

This is actually a oversized notebook page where avatars could
walk on and donate money to the filmmakers.
Four eyed monsters notebook in Second Life

It was a very fun event to me but it also showed that Second Life isn’t the best venue for this. There were problems that caused some people who joined up just to watch it saying that they won’t stay in second life because it’s too complicated. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be addressed when this kind of event takes place in SL. The fact that there were other theaters was very good. But the only place I found out about it was on the website. If there was a way to transport me to a non full place showing it when I tried to teleport to Sundance would help out extremely! The Upside down problem was experienced by others as well. Sound stopping was a problem too. All of these things need to be fixed one way or another. For me I loved the event and look forward to seeing the movie on DVD. I hope more independent movies get shown this way because it can be shown all around the world easily without a physical location.

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