Wearing costumes and having fun in Second Life on Halloween

Halloween Fun!

Halloween season is my favorite time of the year because I love being scared! I watch scary movies and go to some Halloween mazes with my friend as you can read about it on my personal blog here. But I wanted to post about my Halloween time in second life. Yes there are many places and events to visit during this season in second life. I have found haunted houses, haunted rides and Halloween costumes. Lot of places to explore and not enough time or space to write about all of them in detail.

The first thing I wanted to do was find something cheap to wear for Halloween. I found some freebie shirts and other items to wear. Nothing that really was shocking. So I decided I would have to pay for a good costume. Once I started to look I found a lot but the majority of stuff was for women. Sometimes it gets frustrating to find anything to wear for guys in SL. Well I had to do more searching and visited this one store which had some great looking clothes and avatars. I wasn’t looking for an avatar. I wanted something to wear that looked bloody. I found a couple of great places for some good priced costumes.

Here is a part of my costume that I found:

I love to dress up for Halloween in Second Life
Bloody costume for Halloween in Second LifeBloody legs in Second Life for Halloween to attend parties!

Here are some slurl’s to the costume places I found:

Sinistyle Design [ SiniStyle (148, 90, 37) ] – Nice gory costumes the way I like them. I bought mine from here.
Costume Superstore – Very good store with lots of stuff to check out. Bought my spooky eyes here.
Addi’s House of Halloween Horrors – some fun items for Halloween.
City of the DEAD – many stores around the area including a big giant gothic store.
Dark Decorum – Many fun Halloween items.
Twistted Dreams – Some more fun Halloween items.
Neverwhere Halloween store [ Neverwhere (91, 91, 26) ] – Some more decorations and costumes.

If you know of any other places to get Halloween costumes then feel free to leave a comment! I’m going to keep searching for some good deals and other scary stuff in second life!

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