NBC has a place of their own in Second Life called Virtual NBC
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Virtual NBC in Second Life

When I was looking around for Christmas events this month I missed one big event that NBC had planned. You can read about it at 3pointD article here and a later post here. This event looked like it would have been a fun time to attend and looked like a was a good success. I attended the BBC event and that was a fun time and very busy. NBC also put up a website about their second life events at virtualnbc.com. At this point they don’t have much there but maybe in the new year they will have more events. I love having more interaction with TV shows so this could be an interesting experiment for the future of second life.

Virtual NBC building for everyone to exploreChecking out the Virtual NBC stuff in Second Life

There were some other events that NBC did in second life that was interesting. You can read about their jam session on December 20th here and here. They also tried a football event with some games to play at their sports bar last Monday at the same time showing the game on TV. The game wasn’t shown in second life. I can see where a lot of these type of events tied in with a program shown on regular TV can be a good experience for all involved. I am a fan of many shows and would love to spend time with other fans in a virtual world.

Ice rink for NBC sports in Second Life for Virtual NBCVirtual NBC celebrating Christmas in style

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