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Wii Controls World of Warcraft and Second Life

Was checking out some videos on youtube and came across something about the wii that I found very interesting. The wii remote or wiimote uses bluetooth technology so some people have figured out how to use it as a device for a computer. There are device drivers for the wiimote on the mac and for windows now. Some people have used it to control the cursor by moving or turning the remote around. Others have used it to have some fun like using it a light saber noise maker.

The most interesting thing to me is that you can control pc games with the remote! This really makes me want to get a wii or just buy a wiimote to try this stuff out! I found a lot of people trying it out on different games. It can also be used to control World of Warcraft:

There was an interview of a blizzard developer who didn’t feel it was the best way to control your character in WOW. It still looks and must feel really cool though. I’m sure as people update these drivers things like this will get a lot more interesting.

People can use the Wii controller in Second Life

There is even a way to use it in Second Life. You can get the instructions and scripts from Mi 72,48,94. Seems very easy to me but is it something which can enhance the SL experience? I don’t have a wiimote to try these things out but I’m sure others do and will find this an interesting thing to experiment with. Adam Reuters found it interesting and interviewed Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime about Second Life. I can see lot of potential with other programs and other controllers in the future which will allow much more reality into virtual reality.

Links to Wiimote related stuff:

Flexible Prims and Lights?

Flexible Prims and light are introduced in Second Life

As most of you know by now there was an update that added couple of neat features to second life. Now prims can have a flexible path so it can bend with the wind and have other characteristics. You can also have prims that give off light. I tried some playing around with these new stuff but don’t fully understand everything about it. I think both of this stuff is client based. You can link up flex prims to one solid prim but can’t have a prim at the end of a flexible prim. I had the idea of linking up a balloon to a flexible prim but couldn’t do it.

Second Life new feature flexible prims for a hat

I attended a class at Teazers Isle on how to do a dr. seuss type of hat that using a flex prim. The hat sways when I walk around and it looks quite funny. That was the first object I made with flex prims but wanted to create something by myself and play with the settings a bit.

My scarf in Second Life using flexible prims and lightUsing flexible prims for a scarf I made in Second Life

So I figured out how to make a scarf which moves with the wind and when I move around. I don’t think it looks that great or sways correctly but for my first clothing type thing it’s ok for me. I also tried using the light feature on my scarf so I can see everything around me when it turns dark. The lighting is very easy to understand. Intensity for how bright the light will be. Pick a color for the light to show and the radius it will expand to. I am not too sure what the fallout option means so if someone can explain them or any of the options in the flex it would be very helpful! One thing I noticed is when I sit down my flexible scarf wants to go up sometimes. I’ll have to try some stuff to figure why it does that later.

I found a video that Tao Takashi did for his blog/vlog. Episode 2 shows off the flexible prims and lights in the preview grid before the update was done. He also has a new video of how the lights look inside the main grid after the update at his main page.

Linden Labs on Google TechTalk

Philip Linden and Cory Linden did a presentation at google Techtalk on Matrch 1, 2006. I didn’t see any mention of this on VTOR so thought I would mention it here for future reference. The presentation showed many objects that one can buy in the game. Cory showed off the physics engine by creating dominoes and knocked them all down. The dominoes set themselves up again after a certain amount of time. You can actually see the Starax wand which is 18,000L to buy but it’s a cool object! They even talked a bit about security stuff refering to the replicating object attacks that have been happening recently. Everything is streamed from the server and the client is dumb so the security problems other games might have wouldn’t be a problem here.

There are 15 terabytes of data in the game from all the objects and sims which were made. The average age of users in the game is 32 and 43% of them are female.

They also mentioned a bit about the scripting language and the upcoming change to mono. Find out why lighting wasn’t added at the beginning. There are also 25% users selling objects and 75% buyers. Also mentioned a bit about updates to some objects and they could put a system for automatic updates but they didn’t say they would.

It’s a very interesting 1 hour video of what the lindens are thinking about in the future and why they made some of their decisions.