Snail races are so much fun in Second Life

Unique and fun SL event!

Sometimes it takes a unique person to come up with something that is so unique in life that is fun and entertaining. There are things in this life that one would never think about. This happens in second life too. Lot of the things I find in second life is just interesting and fun but not exactly unique. Well a couple of months ago I met someone who has talent and uniqueness that I actually was totally impressed. This person created an event held every weekend that is fun to participate and watch! It’s not something you would see every day.

I changed my avatar into a racing snailFun time racing snails in Second Life

The event is called “Giant Snail race” and is created and hosted by Racerx Gullwing. You can click this link to visit the track. When you get there you will see a small pyramid with a snail on top to the right. Use it to teleport up to the track in the air. When you meet Racerx you’ll see a rabbit and usually he will take off his hat and say hello to you. Sometimes he will have a snail right by his side following him everywhere. I was confused when I first saw the snail races but the next week I went to the class and started understanding it. The race is held every Saturday at 11am SLT but if you want to race you need to go to the snail class at 10am before the race.

Basically You get a snail avatar which is free. Change into this avatar and fix up your camera view so you can see. Then you will run through the course going through each checkpoint. Some of the checkpoints are on the ground and others are in the air. Snails don’t fly so you have to get on these flippers that will throw you in the air through the checkpoints. All you have to do is follow the arrows and go through all 18 checkpoints. You must go through 3 laps to finish the race. Only 4 snails race at one time. Everyone else sits on bleachers which actually move when the race is on so you can watch the snails go by. If more than 4 snails want to race then more races will be held. For the winner there is a money prize. After the race the track course is blown up to bits. If you still think this is a dream then you really should check it out on your own! I usually try to attend the event every Saturday either racing or just watching.

Snail racing cross country for charity relay for life.

On July 15th there will be a cross country snail race for charity at the same time as the usual races are held. The charity is Relay For Life American Cancer Society so it’s a really good cause. The winner will receive money and other prizes. Also if you donate the most money to the charity you will receive prizes also. I am hoping I will have the time to race. It’s such a fun time and having fun for a good cause is always great.

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