The live musicians and singers of Second Life
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The live musicians and singers of Second Life

I posted about live entertainment in another post, here, and wanted to expand on that post with some names of good performers on second life. Remember you can find any event in the find/events window under Live Music category! Check out my previous post for other ways of finding live music.

Frogg Marlowe

Frogg Marlowe playing piano in Second LifeGuitar playing Frogg Marlowe at a live music event

A good singer who has been on second life for awhile is Frogg Marlowe. He plays guitar and sometimes the piano. He also writes his own songs as well. Some of his songs were inspired by second life. When he plays solo he sounds very good and I am sure you will enjoy it! He will sometimes be accompanied with his friend, Jaycatt Nico, on the piano.

Jaycatt Nico

Jaycatt Nico playing piano in Second LifeLive Piano event with Jaycatt Nico

When Jaycatt and Frogg play together it sounds really great. You can usually find them on Fridays from 7 to 9 SL time at “The Gathering.” You Should try to catch them at least once to experience what great artists we have in second life. Jaycatt plays piano masterfully and listening to him play alone is amazing.

Juel Resistance

Juel Resistance playing in Second Life and singing beautifully Juel Resistance sings at a live event in Second Life

Juel Resistance is one of those singers you should really listen to. She has a great voice and gives fantastic performances. She is a singer and a song writer. She plays guitar while she sings and has such a great personality. She was one of the first singers I have ever heard on Second life. She’s the reason I have been so interested in live music in second life. She also has her own place at “The Living Room” where she plays sometimes.

I have some other favorite performers also but I’ll write about them later.

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