Alice in Wonderland ride in Second Life

Second Life’s Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland ride is very fun
A great ride in Second Life is Alice in Wonderland

I’ve written about dark rides in second life before and I just found another one. It’s not a Halloween dark ride like the others I have seen. This one is all about Alice in Wonderland. It’s a great design and the exterior is amazing.

Alice in Wonderland ride in Second Life

Just click on the sign to request a gondola. Sit in it and then click on the pocketwatch. Keep the view in mouselook and set the day as midnight to get the best effect. There are sound effects too so be sure to turn up the volume. There are many other designs I have seen which are amazing and shows how much talent there still is in the world. I’m still having fun exploring the world. Maybe I’ll find a good way to make money or just continue having fun.

Alice in Wonderland ride showing long hallwayScenery from the Alice in Wonderland ride

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