Pizzeria game for multi players in Second Life

Pizzeria – the game in Second Life for pizza lovers

Time to make some pizzas in Second Life with this game

If you like pizza as much as I do then maybe you’ll like to play a game called Pizzeria in Second Life. This game is very similar to games like Slingo and Tringo. Start off by clicking on the main board to get your game card. Then you can add money to the pot. Whoever wins at the end will get the full amount inside the pot.


The object of the game is to make a pizza and sell it for the highest points you can get. On the right side of the card you will see 4 changing tiles. These tiles will change with each round and can have a variety of different ingredients for your pizza. A pizza first needs a dough base then you must add the sauce with cheese right after. At this point it’s a simple pizza and you can click on the pizza to sell it for some points. The points for a basic pizza is a lot more than just selling the base or base and sauce.

Some of the other toppings you can add are mushrooms, olives and pepperoni but are all optional. Of course you will get more points for more toppings. Another thing you have to be aware of is their are 3 different sizes for a pizza. You can start with a small, medium or large base. Once you pick the size then you must add the equivalent size ingredients. Don’t place a large size sauce on a small size base or you will fail and lose some points.

There is a danger of burning the pizza if you get a random burn icon in the tile section in a round. If you burn it you will lose points and have to start your pizza again. There is also a bonus pizza which happens every 5 rounds. If you make the requested pizza then you get bonus points. Always check out the main board to know which pizza you need to make to get the bonus.

Here are some places which have pizzeria events regularly:
  • ParrotHead Cove – A nice place to play and the lag isn’t that bad.
  • IceDragons Playpen – Games can get laggy here. Lots of people playing games at same time.
  • Gioia – Nice comfortable to play when they have events. no lag when I was there.

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