Second Life solar eclipse event

Solar eclipse event pictures

Ok this is old stuff but I just wanted to write about it and show some pictures because it was such a fun time. On March 29, 2006 there was a solar eclipse in Turkey at 2am Second Life Time. I am usually up at this time finishing up work for the day and try to get to bed by 3am. I remembered from Lestat’s post that there was going to be a showing of the eclipse in second life. Had to check it out so I found the place where it would be showing and headed on down there. I found a seat in the auditorium and started the video stream up.

At the beginning it was just some scientists explaining about the eclipse and how to watch it in different ways. There were many other people there watching. All of us were chatting about it and when the eclipse actually happened it was really an exciting thing to see. Reading what others had to say about it was very interesting way of watching it. It made it seem like we were all together watching this happen instead of being in front of a computer alone. Here are some pictures I took of this event for all to see! Many other people were taking pictures of it as well.

Solar Eclipse event in Second Life

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