I describe how I made a tee shirt of my website in Second Life
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My First Second Life T-Shirt

I recently found a tutorial on how to make a t-shirt with your own graphic. Robin wood has a couple of very good tutorials on how to make stuff in second life at his web page. There are other links off that page that might be of interest to anyone who wants to do more graphic work also. Today was the first day I tried to use the “Finished T-Shirt Template” tutorial in the Texturing section. I made my first Tee Shirt in Second Life showing my websiteI’ve never tried making clothes until now. I found it very easy to understand and made my t-shirt in a couple of minutes. I basically took a screenshot of my web page in a browser. Then scaled it to fit on the shirt. If you haven’t worked in a graphic program you might take longer to understand everything. If you always wanted to know how to make clothes this is a really good way of learning. This T-Shirt I made was very fast and maybe later I’ll make a better one.

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