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This post is about an old place in Second Life which is no longer there in 2011. It’s left for history and memories of the past.

Last post I showed some stuff I made in class. This time I will show some more stuff I made. I’ll also be talking a little about skinning. Yes I think I understand a little bit about skinning and making totally different looks. I was on the right track by using tattoos. I also have seen some crazy avatars walking around. I saw a butterfly in class one day and a dinosaur in another. I’ll try to explain how they might have done some of this in this post.

First I want to show off some things I made in class before I get to skinning. The classes I have been taken are from Teazers Island.

Second Life Trampoline

This is a working trampoline! It might not look like one but it does work like one! Just walk on it and it will bounce you up and down. The script was provided with the class materials.

Second Life Flying Saucer

This is an actual flying saucer! Get in it and you can fly it up and down. Right or left. Even has sound when it starts up! Everything was provided with the class except for the prims which they teach you how to create on your own. This has a lot of potential to make other flying vehicles.

Second Life Party Hat

This is a simple party hat. Was fun making the different shapes. We actually started making a huge hat and then resized it down. One thing I learned was to attach hats to your nose and then position it where you want it on your head so it won’t mess up your hair.

Second Life Fireworks Rocket
Making Second Life Fireworks in class

This is a fireworks display. It will shoot out fireworks to the sky when touched. Of course the scripts are provided in the class material. Made with 4 prims and with sound too! This was a lot of fun to make!

A cool rocket object in Second Life
Second Life Rocket

Here is a rocket that actually works. This one is a bit different from the firework display because when you touch it it will blast off and won’t come back. So had to make sure we had a copy of it in our inventory before we let it go. Has smoke comming out of it when it blasts off.

Second Life Face Tattoo
Second Life Avatar Template
Second Life Pose Stand

Before I finish this post I want to explain a little bit about skins. When I created my face skin I placed it on my face tattoo. Now I went to the templates at second life webpage for the different body templates. I placed the face template on my face tattoo, upper body to the upper body tattoo and lower body to the lower body tatoo.

As you can see in the pictures you can see exactly where everything goes on your body! A couple of other things I have learned. You can attach prims on your body to make an entirely different looking person. I found one that turns yourself into a zebra! I have seen some avatars that are smaller than what you can resize your body to. I don’t know how to do those just yet. My best guess is it’s done by some transparency textures.

I have found some other interesting classes at Teazers. I just attended a business class on how to make money in second life. I found it very imformative and will talk about it later. There are scripting, clothes, avatar and particle classes also! Can learn so much!

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