Twinity is a new Virtual world similar to Second Life

Finding Twinity From a SL Interview

Space Junky plays some great songs in Second Life

One day I was checking out some news about Second Life and found a nice interview of SpaceJunky from mmorpg. If you love live musical events in SL then you should check out this interview and the band. I will be looking for them in the future now that I’m spending a bit more time in SL. This band is the resident band of a new online show called “Life On Line”.

So of course I wanted to check out the show and went to their website. It’s a show about virtual worlds and social networks online. A very fun talk show which brings some great news of upcoming new technologies and talent. This is where I heard of a virtual world called Twinity. This new world is a bit different. They are making replicas of real life cities which they only have Berlin right now. Even the avatars can look like you in real life by using real pictures with their facegen setup.

Twinity is similar to Second Life as a virtual world
Made this with two pictures of me. Still doesn’t look exactly like me.

Twinity has events going on but I haven’t attended one yet. I’m just starting to check things out and made my avatar but it doesn’t look exactly like me. You can buy or rent apartments for yourself and decorate it with stuff you buy with virtual money. This is still in beta and their will be a subscription to have your own place in the future. It looks like you will be able to use real money to buy virtual things but not sure if you can take money out yet. I still need to explore more in the world but wanted to share it with others who might want to check it out.

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