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Melting Your Brain in Second Life

There is magic in second life and you can find it from Tuna Oddfellow. In a world where anyone can pull a rabbit from a hat or fly up to the skies, this real life magician has found a way to make something very magical. His shows are mind bending illusions at it’s best in Second Life! He won the NBC “Avatar’s Got Talent” and was announced on an episode of “America’s Got Talent”.

I’ve seen many of his shows and still shocked at how good he can use textures, music and effects to make something so amazing. If you get to see his show be sure to pull back and move your camera around to see all the fantastic visuals. Best to be there before the show so you can be amazed how the world around you changes.

Melting Your Brain in Second Life Melting Your Brain in Second Life Melting Your Brain in Second Life

I was given a hat for this show I am attending which changes colors, textures and effects during the show. All of this is controlled by Tuna Oddfellow. His regular shows are 11am SLT on Sundays, and 7pm SLT on Mondays. Visit the Oddfellow Studios.