Games can be controlled by wii controller even Second Life

Wii Controls World of Warcraft and Second Life

Was checking out some videos on youtube and came across something about the wii that I found very interesting. The wii remote or wiimote uses bluetooth technology so some people have figured out how to use it as a device for a computer. There are device drivers for the wiimote on the mac and for windows now. Some people have used it to control the cursor by moving or turning the remote around. Others have used it to have some fun like using it a light saber noise maker.

The most interesting thing to me is that you can control pc games with the remote! This really makes me want to get a wii or just buy a wiimote to try this stuff out! I found a lot of people trying it out on different games. It can also be used to control World of Warcraft:

There was an interview of a blizzard developer who didn’t feel it was the best way to control your character in WOW. It still looks and must feel really cool though. I’m sure as people update these drivers things like this will get a lot more interesting.

People can use the Wii controller in Second Life

There is even a way to use it in Second Life. You can get the instructions and scripts from Mi 72,48,94. Seems very easy to me but is it something which can enhance the SL experience? I don’t have a wiimote to try these things out but I’m sure others do and will find this an interesting thing to experiment with. Adam Reuters found it interesting and interviewed Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime about Second Life. I can see lot of potential with other programs and other controllers in the future which will allow much more reality into virtual reality.

Links to Wiimote related stuff:

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