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No more slingo because the Devil May Care.

Second Life Devil May Care game is very popular

Slingo in Second Life has a new name with a new design and better gameplay. The new version which came out this year is now known as Devil May Care. Most of the events still use the name Slingo but some are using the abbreviation DMC. It’s the same game that I wrote about in a previous post. The best part is it should have less lag and keep track of the scores better. Owners can now set a minimum amount of money to put in the pot before you can take a card. They can also set a percentage amount of money to take from the pot for the owner of the game.

Slingo has changed into a new game called devil may care

Some of the game events require a minimum amount which can be from $5L to $100L to play. Obviously these places have the biggest pots. Easily can get to $1000L faster than a place which allows free play. I’ve been switching back and forth between free play and pay to play places. I figure out how much I am willing to spend that day and then when I use it up I move to the free plays until I win or get bored of losing. Another new feature is the maximum amount of cards can be set up to 30! Even at the laggy places it does a much better job then the older version.

Also remember to check the rules displayed in each game for the required percentage of your winnings to be put back into the pot. If you don’t you’ll get yelled at or banned. This allows the amount of money in the pot to stay high. Be sure to try this game out for this new year because it doesn’t look like it will go away any time soon.

For interested buyers of the game you can go to ImagineNation to buy and run your very own multi-player or solo slingo event yourself if you have the money to buy it of course!

Here are my favorite places to play the game:
  • ParrotHead Cove – $10 minimum. no lag and fun atmosphere to play in! playing most of the time.
  • IceDragons Playpen – Free but with lag. Sometimes they have to play only 15 rounds instead of the normal 20 due to slowness. Usually is played all the time.
  • South I – Free. no lag and fun people. Not playing all the time.

Hello, I have a Slingo Addiction

Second Life Slingo is very addicting

Hello, My name is JohnnyRS and I have a slingo addiction. I have been playing slingo almost every day for a month or more on second life. I have won some good money with this game and other times I have been so mad when I lose lot of my points in the game. Some days I have won 2 or 3 times in a row. Other times I have lost every game in a day. Yes I am a Slingo addict and I don’t care.

Slingo is a cross between Bingo and Slots. A player has 20 turns to “spin” the numbers below his or her bingo card. Five numbers appear, and if they are found on the card, they can be marked off. There are also special symbols that can come up to gain more points or take away points. The coin and angel will give you $1000 points. The devil will take away HALF of your points. You gain points by clearing a line of numbers on the card. You gain $1000 points for each line you clear. You also gain $3000 points for filling a pattern which changes for each game. You also gain $5000 points for filling all the numbers on the card. Slingo originated on AOL and can be played in second life now. When you join a game you may find it very addicting.

At the start of the game everyone’s puts in some money into the POT which goes to the person with the highest points after the game. Some places require a contribution to the POT. Others don’t require it but some players might point you out if you give nothing for awhile. Most places will require 20% to 40% of your winnings back into the pot if it’s a big winning. Some places like Icedragons Playpen have problems with lag so the games can be very slow. If you go to another place you will find it a lot faster. Sometimes slow can be good and other times it’s torture waiting for the next round. Slingo doesn’t take much strategy but a lot of LUCK because you just need to fill in the numbers kind of like bingo. The only strategy is when you get a blue or green joker. The blue joker lets you mark any number in the column it’s in. The green joker lets you mark any number on your CARD! So by placing these numbers in a good spot may get you more points.

In second life, slingo is a game where players use lot of different sound clips. Don’t be surprised if you hear gun shots while you are playing because someone probably just received a devil symbol and they want to get their frustration out with a sound clip. Some of the sound clips are very funny. Some are used so much it gets to be irritating.