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Virtual Live Band Rocks Second Life

Virtual Live Band plays in Second Life

I’ve always liked the live performances in Second Life ever since I first found them. Usually It’s one singer or a couple of people playing live from one place. I recently found a unique live event with a live band. They consist of 5 members from 3 countries and 5 different locations. One plays from Germany and another from UK with the rest playing from the U.S. They use a program to sync up called ninjam and then send the stream over to SL.

The majority of their songs are original but they do covers also. You can check out their website and find out more about them. Be sure to check out the days they will be playing so you can check them out!. Sign up for their group, “VLB group members”, in SL and find out instantly when they will be playing. You shouldn’t miss this band because they are good and really rock SL!

New Years Celebrations in SL

Have a Happy New Year in Second Life

I usually spend my New Years Eve home with my friends or family watching parties on TV. But this year I wondered what kind of events people were attending in Second Life. I started reading a fellow VTOR author, weirdharold, post about New Years Events. I first attended the Jack Crowne and the Coronas at the Luxor Stage for a couple of minutes but wanted a more personal live music than a simulcast. I did some searches for more live music and found Cylindrian Rutabaga singing at the Elbow Room which is a very small bar for the event but it was still fun to crowd in this place and listen to her beautiful singing.

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Listening to two fantastic musicians in Second LifeNew Years special live music event in Second LifeCylindrian Rutabaga singing for New Years in Second LifeListening to Cylindrian Rutabaga in Second Life

After spending an hour listening to Cylindrian sing I went to the Lily Pad Lounge to listen to Starr Singer and Kim Seifert. Very good singing and had a lovely time. I was given some 2007 glasses for free so I put them on for the whole night. At midnight on the east coast the sim crashed and I couldn’t hear or see the event anymore. I wanted to hear the countdown and maybe a good new years song.

Once I got back on second life I found that Johnny99 Gumshoe was playing at the Old Salt’s Pub LIVE all night. I went there and listened to him play his guitar masterfully. I also got to hear him celebrate his new years in the central time zone. He played a wonderful rendition of the “Auld Lang Syne” song which was great! I stayed here for a while and loved every minute of it.

Wearing glasses for New Years party eventBill and Pam Hevercamp play for New Years in Second LifeJohnny99 Gumshoe live music event in Second Life

Then I wanted to try another event. Bill and Pam Hevercamp was playing at the Vanity Castle so wanted to find out how a group act sounded. Pam usually sings and Bill plays the guitar. Bill sings some songs as well. They do very well together and have a great chemistry in their act. At Midnight Second Life Time I spent my time listening to Johnny99 Gumshoe play until I had to leave and get some sleep.

For me I had a wonderful time spending my new years eve in Second Life. It was an exciting experience and had lot more fun than watching events on TV. I got to interact with other people listening and with the singers themselves. I even found some virtual park places where people were shooting off fireworks. I didn’t take any pictures of them, though.

Live Entertainment in Second Life

Live musicians in Second Life

I have been attending many live entertainment since I started in this world. Such a unique experience when you can attend a live performance from some great musicians and singers! When I was looking through the events one day I saw a live musician playing so I had to check it out. The setting was a lake with floaters for people to lay down on in front of the stage. Don’t remember the name of the place but I do remember the great music. Now these events are all free and they only ask for a tip if possible. I was so entertained that I gave a nice tip after the show. I usually like listening to the regular music that gets played through a sim so once I found this I tried to attend as many performances I can.

Some performances get posted in the events but some will not be there. Recently the live music category was added to the events find window so it’s easier to find these events now. There is also a group called, “Live Music Enthusiasts”, which will have announcements before a live event will happen. You can be teleported to the area by asking in the group also. Each performance can be in different areas and sometimes can be at a grand opening like I am attending right now. I’ll post about that after the event finishes in another post.

If you get a chance to attend these events you really should! I am sure you will enjoy listening and experiencing something live with others around the world. I don’t get out much cause of work so this is a nice way of having fun while I work or just relaxing. It will never be the same thing as a first life concert but I can’t get out every single day to a concert. In second life there is always a live performance somewhere at some time each day. Usually in the evening, SL time, you will find the best events to attend.

I also found out that some of these performers are available for bookings also. So if you want some crowds this might be a good way of getting people to your place. Don’t know how much a booking would be, though.