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Christmas 2007 in Second Life

Spending time in Second Life for Christmas

It’s that time of year where we decorate our places for holidays. We also get in the spirit with new clothes for our avatar. This year I did some searches for Christmas places to go in SL. The interesting thing is the regular search for places didn’t give me the results I expected. Most of the places at the top were not about Christmas and even some had mature content. I even made sure it didn’t include mature content in the search and it still gave me them. Then I used the new search under the all tab and searched for Christmas stuff again. I was happy to see exactly the places I was looking for.

Merry Christmas from all of us at VTOR and have a great virtual holiday experience wherever you may go!

Here are some of the interesting places I found:
Using the new search function I found these:
  • Spring City – Really good place with plenty of Christmas items
  • Fortimus – Plenty of trees to get for your place
  • Buyeo – Another place with great Christmas stuff
Here are some Christmas live events for you to enjoy on Xmas eve day and Christmas day:
  • [Experience Island at 118, 22, 27 (slurl)] – religious experience event in Second life with video of a real life special event. All day (Dec 24th)
  • Kona dAlliez – Johnny99 Gumshoe plays live at 1:00pm. (Dec 24th)
  • Kona dAlliez – Andy Glasgow plays a rock show live 2:00pm. (Dec 24th)
  • [Edloe at 128, 114, 68 (slurl)] – Cylindrian Rutabaga sings at 5:00pm with great vocals. (Dec 24th)
  • Tryggvason – Scarlett LaRoux performs some holiday songs at 7:00pm. (Dec 24th)
  • Marimon – A Christmas party in SL at 8:00pm. (Dec 25th)

VTOR Halloween Avatar Costume Contest

All ready for Halloween with a pumpkin for decoration

Halloween is just around the corner and VTOR is going to celebrate it with a Halloween Costume Contest in Second Life! The event will take place at our VTOR Headquarters on Tuesday October 30th 2007, 6:36pm SL Time and will end after 66 minutes and 6 seconds. Visit us with your best costume you can make or buy! We’ll have music and dancing for some fun entertainment! First prize L$2,500 Second prize L$500, third prize: $L100.

Contest eligibility details:
  1. VTOR authors and their family ineligible
  2. VTOR authors will judge contestants on event day All judge decisions final.
  3. First avatar to use paid costume/avatar will count in the case of multiple avatars using the same purchased avatar.
  4. One Costume per Avatar. Wear your best costume!

Catch Fish – Second Life Style

Fun place to fish in Second Life

Need something to do to pass the time away in your Second Life? Fishing might be the answer! Yes there are people fishing in SL for fun, experience, social interaction or prizes! The way to get prizes and lindens is by registering for a fishing tournament. There is usually one tournament happening every day. They last little under an hour. Some will allow you to use any of the fishing rods you can buy at the fishing areas. Others will only allow special rods called event rods. You can find out more about the tournaments at their fishing website here.

Each rod can gain experience points the more you fish with them. The more experience the better chance of getting bigger fish which gives more points. To begin fishing you need to visit one of the fishing spots like Hearts Enchanted which used to be a busy place. Once you get there look for the vendor area in the middle of the dock. You can buy one of the easy packaged boxes on the floor. They go from the beginner rod all the way to the epic rod. These packages will have everything you need to start fishing right away. You can also buy the rod from a vendor machine but you will also have to buy some bait. The bait comes in various sizes. You must check the guide for your rod and buy the corresponding bait. Can’t fish without the right bait even in your second life.

Fishing pole is to fish in Second Life

Wear your fishing rod and place your bait on the floor. You should get a window asking if you want to load the bait to your rod or a queue. Load the bait to the rod. The queue is for easier loading of extra bait you might have bought. Now just click on your rod and a window will come up. Push the cast button and wait for a bite. That’s all you have to do when you want to fish in SL.

The majority of fish you catch will be in your inventory. You can keep or delete them. You can also rez your fish to take a look at the details. Some fish might have prizes in it and you will get the prizes when you rez them next to you. Other items you catch are for fishing quests which rewards you with prizes. Check for the quest vendors to get your quest box or check your package if you bought one. You can gain reward points for every catch you make and these can be traded for items. These reward items can be clothing for your avatar or stuff for fishing. It’s up to you what you want to trade your points for. The best part of fishing is the interaction with other people! You can gain friends while fishing during the day. Listen to the Simkast Radio station with live DJ’s who might be fishing next to you.

My fishing pole can catch fish in Second Life

Boldly going where no avatar has gone before?

Star fleet headquarters from Star Trek in Second LifeStar Trek fans have a place to roleplay in Second Life

Here I am standing at SL Starfleet Headquarters [SLURL] in Second Life. What am I doing here? What is the purpose of this place? Well this is a Star Trek Role Playing Area. In their manual it describes themselves as a counterpart to the real life organization STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. Their website has plenty of information for fans and events.

Showing off a star ship from Star Trek in Second Life
A really good video report on the Starfleet Sim from

These people have ranks and uniforms and rules to follow in their sims. Seems they welcome outsiders because I never saw or was told to leave. I did find someone else who made some videos and went on a tour. So if you’re interested, you should check out the videos above to learn more about it. I’m not a huge fan of Star Trek so I wasn’t interested in the Role playing but it seems like a great place for fans to meet others. There are plenty of Role playing in Second Life and I think it’s an interesting way of expressing what you really enjoy.

Get your green out in Second Life for St. Patrick’s Day!

Wearing a huge St. Patrick's hat in Second LifeEnjoying events in Second Life on St. Patty's day

Today is St. Patrick’s day and it will be celebrated in Second Life as well as first life. I already went shopping and got a big green hat to wear from Winyah Forest Shoppe [SLURL]. A shirt with “It’s a green thing, you wouldn’t understand” written on it from Sanctuary Shops & Lofts. I am all ready to party with my avatar! There are other places who are selling stuff for this day but most of the wearable stuff are for women of course. If I find any more I’ll add on to this post.

The next thing I have to do is find the fun events so I can have some fun! There are some parties with live singing and dj’s playing irish music. I might attend some of these if I have a chance. If you do a search there are plenty to choose from so I picked some that I will be attending or the ones that look interesting. I am planning on listening and checking out the blarney stone party mostly.

  • 2 day party events in The Blarney Stone Irish Bar [SLURL] starting at 11am SLT. This event has a website at Dublin Virtually Live and can be listened to by pointing your music player to:
  • Rave Party in The Munitions at 12pm SLT.
  • Another party in Love Harbor [SLURL] at 12pm SLT.
  • Another party in Sensual Excitement at 1pm SLT.
  • Irish bands in Bubblegum Music Factory at 4pm SLT.

If I find any other good places I will add more later today!