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Halloween Fun Part 3

I recently wrote about some Halloween fun places and things to do in Second life. I found a lot more to add to the previous posts , part 1, and part 2, so I thought I would write a part 3. First Send an IM to “Trickortreat Linden” and get a Halloween goody bag! Probably will only work for Halloween day so be quick! The following list of places are the ones I found with Halloween houses or mazes. Have fun!

  • Haunted Castle Maze – Solve riddles and puzzles to get through this haunted maze! Outstanding work for this project. I really enjoyed this place and hope more of this kind of stuff can be made in this world.
  • Octoberville – This looks like the place to be today. explore the whole sim with Halloween scenery and haunted houses! There’s a train ride somewhere but couldn’t find it. Also talk about a creepy catacomb but couldn’t find it. There is also a scavenger hunt to participate in!
  • SL Ghost Hill – You need to pay to play in this haunted house. It costs $50 for a 24 hour period. It’s a fun time to spend your Halloween if you are willing to pay.
  • Haunted Hill – One of the better places to visit for Halloween. You can interact with the objects around you and the scenery is great! I was hung, electrocuted, grounded up into pieces, cut in half with my guts hanging out and spent time in a padded room.
  • The Haunted 2006 – A walk through house with great sound effects and floating ghosts all around. Walk through the bookcases! This was fun for me because of the scenery and stuff jumping out at you with awesome scary sound effects. I jumped once.
  • Halloween House on Gilligan’s Island – Lots of blood everywhere! not for the squeamish! Love the scenery and how everything was put together. Look for the “exit here” signs to go to the next rooms.
  • Haunted House Elevator – This was a fun place to explore. Read the note first before entering the elevator. Be ready for some fun scares and a fun maze!
  • Jansen Haunted Mansion – 3 stories of decorations but mostly just scenery. You can get electrocuted in one room.
  • Bates Motel – A reconstruction of the bates motel from the “Psycho” movie. Mostly just scenery and you can walk in the bathroom to see a bloody scene.
  • Vixens Isle – Walk through the house with creepy scenery and sounds around you!
  • Haunted House – Packed full of scary stuff for Halloween. Walk up the stairs to get more scares at this place!
  • Merlin’s Lair – Fun place to explore but those doors need some oil.

If you know of any other places or visited any of these and like to review it then leave a comment about it! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Now for me to go have some fun!

Halloween Fun Part 2!

In my previous post, Halloween Fun, I described how I found good places for my Halloween costume. This time I would like to post about a haunted house walk though location. It’s called Haunted Mansion and when you begin you should have the sun setting of second life to midnight. Go through the doors in front of you while watching and listening to the scary scenes! There are some places where it’s very hard to find the right path to go because it’s so dark. There are two spots exactly that I got lost but finally found the path after a couple of minutes. When you get to the section in the forest you might think you are trapped but there is an exit to this room. Just have to keep looking around! I love the scenery and the sounds of this place. It reminds me of walking through a real Halloween maze without all the people around you.

Spook house ride for Halloween in Second LifeBlood fountain for Halloween in Second LifeHalloween ride in Second Life with blood and guts

I also found another Halloween ride, Spook House Ride. This one is a real ride that you sit in and watch the scenery go by. Read the directions and be sure to go full screen so you can see everything. It costs $1L but that shouldn’t be a problem. This was more like the fun houses in a carnival that I remember. I also saw an article about this particular ride from Second Life Herald here.

Spook house for Halloween in Second LifeSecond Life has some great Halloween scare housesSecond Life Spook House with a candle burning for light

There are a lot more Halloween stuff I have found but will post it a bit later so I can get all my thoughts out without skipping any good details.

Halloween Fun!

Halloween season is my favorite time of the year because I love being scared! I watch scary movies and go to some Halloween mazes with my friend as you can read about it on my personal blog here. But I wanted to post about my Halloween time in second life. Yes there are many places and events to visit during this season in second life. I have found haunted houses, haunted rides and Halloween costumes. Lot of places to explore and not enough time or space to write about all of them in detail.

The first thing I wanted to do was find something cheap to wear for Halloween. I found some freebie shirts and other items to wear. Nothing that really was shocking. So I decided I would have to pay for a good costume. Once I started to look I found a lot but the majority of stuff was for women. Sometimes it gets frustrating to find anything to wear for guys in SL. Well I had to do more searching and visited this one store which had some great looking clothes and avatars. I wasn’t looking for an avatar. I wanted something to wear that looked bloody. I found a couple of great places for some good priced costumes.

Here is a part of my costume that I found:

I love to dress up for Halloween in Second Life
Bloody costume for Halloween in Second LifeBloody legs in Second Life for Halloween to attend parties!

Here are some slurl’s to the costume places I found:

Sinistyle Design [ SiniStyle (148, 90, 37) ] – Nice gory costumes the way I like them. I bought mine from here.
Costume Superstore – Very good store with lots of stuff to check out. Bought my spooky eyes here.
Addi’s House of Halloween Horrors – some fun items for Halloween.
City of the DEAD – many stores around the area including a big giant gothic store.
Dark Decorum – Many fun Halloween items.
Twistted Dreams – Some more fun Halloween items.
Neverwhere Halloween store [ Neverwhere (91, 91, 26) ] – Some more decorations and costumes.

If you know of any other places to get Halloween costumes then feel free to leave a comment! I’m going to keep searching for some good deals and other scary stuff in second life!

Second Life World meets Infinite Mind

Listening and visiting the Infinite Mind in Second LifeThe National Radio Program Infinite Mind in Second Life

I wrote about how musicians are using second life to give their own concerts and receive tips from the audience. I also wrote about my absence in second life and I found out that I totally missed out on a big event in August. Suzanne Vega made an appearance in SL on August 3rd. Suzanne was interviewed on the “Infinite Mind” national radio program by John Hockenberry. Her song, “Tom’s diner“, was used to develop the now popular mp3 audio compression. She talked about it in the interview and even sang it in second life live. I was very sorry I missed this opportunity but I have found places on the net to watch the interview in video and audio files. There are also pictures taken inside second life and the real life studio. So she has became the first established musician to perform live in an online 3d world.

Infinite Mind has created a theater, museum, replica of their studio and other interesting stuff on their own sim. You can visit it now and wander around. Check out the machinima video at the screening rooms and maybe attend a live event when they have one in the future. They also interviewed author Kurt Vonnegut; designer John Maeda; and futurist Howard Rheingold inside Second Life in August. Last week on their radio program they aired the interviews which were taped previous. This week’s program and next week’s program will also air the other interviews. I’m happy that there are some serious people looking at SL for entertainment, business and information. This is only the start! I’ve been hearing of other musicians and big businesses looking at SL also. I’ll post about that in another post.