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Scripting in Second Life

I’d like to post a little about scripting and making objects react to touching. Would be very helpful if you did some programming in another programming language first. But I know many people who are scripting in second life without previous experience.

Here is a link to the main LSL scripting wiki where you can learn stuff on your own! You can also attend one of the Teazers classes on scripting to understand the basics too. I also found a text editor for LSL when combined with lslint it checks for any errors in the code.

The first thing to understand is how the state system is used. A state makes it easy for a script to do different things in different situations. A script for a chair can be in a state called empty when no one is sitting in it. If someone sits in it then it can change to an occupied state. In the following example there is one state called default. Every script starts in the default state. I have placed remarks in the example. The remarks start with // and end at the end of the line. The function llSay() sends a string to a channel. Channel 0 is the main chat you see all the time. Don’t worry about other channels right now.

// first line that gets exectuted in script
llSay(0, “Starting up script” );

This script would say in chat, “Starting up script” once you save the script or reset it. Remember: just taking an object out of your inventory and placing it on the ground, Called Rezzing, does not reset the script! There are ways to do this but that’s for another post. To define another state you type state before the statename. The default state does not need the state keyword in front of it. To change the state of a script you would type: state statename;

You will see some more functions in this example. When an object gets touched there is code that you can put in to a script to catch that touch and do something about it. The touch_start() function will execute when object gets touched. Don’t worry about the integer total_number because we don’t use it. Here’s the example of using a state with a lamp:

// first line that gets exectuted in script
llSay(0, “Starting up script in default state” );
state lamp_off; // Change state to lamp_off
state lamp_off {
llSay(0, “I am Off!” ); // Will say in chat when changes to off state
state lamp_on; // Change to lamp_on state
state lamp_on
llSay(0, “I am On!” ); // Will say in chat when changes to on state
state lamp_off; // Change to lamp_off state

If you put this script in any object it will first say “Starting up script in default state” then change the state to lamp_off which will make it say “I am Off.” If someone touches the lamp then it will change the state to lamp_on which will make it say “I am On.” When it gets touched again it will change the state to off and so on until the object gets deleted or put back into your inventory.

One thing I want to let you know before I stop are some technical stuff. Timers will stay on and not reset when state changes. When using link messages to send or receive info from another script or object, the messages can get lost in between state changes. Each state has it’s own message listener so if you are expecting a link message from another script then you shouldn’t change states until you receive the message back. I ran into this when I was changing colors for a box. Each state should have it’s own timer function when using timers.

Doing business in Second Life? #2

Second Life Business

Selling skins is another business that can make some good money. Some really good skins can go for 4k lindens. Skins won’t move as well as other stuff, though. Selling art is very hard to do unless you’re really good at making art pictures.Looking for a location is an important step in getting your products seen. Either you can build a store of your own or rent space in a mall. You can click on the top of the second life screen where the name of the sim is and a window should come up. Look at the traffic area and find an area with lot of traffic for maximum exposure. Traffic with over 4000 are the best places! Anything with under 100 traffic wouldn’t be worth it. Classified ads is a really good marketing tool. An ad will cost $50l per week and go up from there.

When looking for a good vendor for your own land or a rental space in a mall then the best line is JEVN Vendor. Some rental places will charge per prim so you want to find the vendor which has a low prim count. Anything inside the vendor that you are selling does not count to the prim count. There are places which have free vendors for you to use

Of course like any business the more time you put into it the more money you will make.

Doing business in Second Life?

I took a class at Teazers about how to make money in Second Life. It was very informative on what types of business one can have in this virtual world. I don’t want to explain everything that was said because attending these classes are the best way to learn! Plus these instructors do a lot of work and will answer any questions you may have! We went through some businesses that would make money and others that may not.

One of the biggest moving business is clothing. Making your own clothes and then selling them in your own store or a mall is a good way of making some money. One graphic program that was mentioned at this class is because it’s free. If you’d like to pay for a program to make clothes then you can go with photoshop CS or Paint Shop Pro.

Also animations is a good product to sell cause lot of people get bored with what they have now. A good program for animation is avimator which is free. I’m not going to explain how to make clothes, animations or poses in this post but when you upload an image to second life there is a trick that some people don’t know about.

When you first upload an image, a window pops up showing you the picture and then two buttons on the bottom, Upload and a cancel button. In the middle you will see, “Preview image as:”, Click in the pull down menu that says image. You can pick from that selection to show how the texture will look on your body BEFORE PAYING FOR UPLOAD!

You can zoom in on your body by your mouse wheel or use [ALT] + left mouse button and moving the mouse up and down. To move the camera around your body use [ALT] + left mouse button on the image and move your mouse to the right or left! To move the camera around your body up and down you can use [ALT] + [CTRL] + left mouse button and then move up and down on your mouse. To move the camera off center you can use [CTRL] + [ALT] + [SHIFT] + left mouse button and move your mouse where you want the camera to be. Using the [ALT], [CTRL], [SHIFT] commands in Second life sims will also do the same thing if you didn’t know that. By using [ALT] + left mouse button you can set up where your center point for the camera will be! Once you are satisfied with the looks then you can upload and pay.

The next thing we started to talk about is stuff that are harder to make money from. Selling houses is one of these cause you need land to show off your homes which would cost more money if you want to show all your houses. Also you need to make unique houses which means a lot of work for you to do and you must have a crative mind. Another business that would be hard to get into is scripting. The important thing here is you need to have a product to sell with the script. Selling just the script won’t sell as much. Building a lamp with a lamp script would sell more than trying to sell the lamp script for example.

I will continue this in another post for the second part of businesses in second life.

More second life experiences

This post is about an old place in Second Life which is no longer there in 2011. It’s left for history and memories of the past.

Last post I showed some stuff I made in class. This time I will show some more stuff I made. I’ll also be talking a little about skinning. Yes I think I understand a little bit about skinning and making totally different looks. I was on the right track by using tattoos. I also have seen some crazy avatars walking around. I saw a butterfly in class one day and a dinosaur in another. I’ll try to explain how they might have done some of this in this post.

First I want to show off some things I made in class before I get to skinning. The classes I have been taken are from Teazers Island.

Second Life Trampoline

This is a working trampoline! It might not look like one but it does work like one! Just walk on it and it will bounce you up and down. The script was provided with the class materials.

Second Life Flying Saucer

This is an actual flying saucer! Get in it and you can fly it up and down. Right or left. Even has sound when it starts up! Everything was provided with the class except for the prims which they teach you how to create on your own. This has a lot of potential to make other flying vehicles.

Second Life Party Hat

This is a simple party hat. Was fun making the different shapes. We actually started making a huge hat and then resized it down. One thing I learned was to attach hats to your nose and then position it where you want it on your head so it won’t mess up your hair.

Second Life Fireworks Rocket
Making Second Life Fireworks in class

This is a fireworks display. It will shoot out fireworks to the sky when touched. Of course the scripts are provided in the class material. Made with 4 prims and with sound too! This was a lot of fun to make!

A cool rocket object in Second Life
Second Life Rocket

Here is a rocket that actually works. This one is a bit different from the firework display because when you touch it it will blast off and won’t come back. So had to make sure we had a copy of it in our inventory before we let it go. Has smoke comming out of it when it blasts off.

Second Life Face Tattoo
Second Life Avatar Template
Second Life Pose Stand

Before I finish this post I want to explain a little bit about skins. When I created my face skin I placed it on my face tattoo. Now I went to the templates at second life webpage for the different body templates. I placed the face template on my face tattoo, upper body to the upper body tattoo and lower body to the lower body tatoo.

As you can see in the pictures you can see exactly where everything goes on your body! A couple of other things I have learned. You can attach prims on your body to make an entirely different looking person. I found one that turns yourself into a zebra! I have seen some avatars that are smaller than what you can resize your body to. I don’t know how to do those just yet. My best guess is it’s done by some transparency textures.

I have found some other interesting classes at Teazers. I just attended a business class on how to make money in second life. I found it very imformative and will talk about it later. There are scripting, clothes, avatar and particle classes also! Can learn so much!

Some objects I made in class

This post is about an old place in Second Life which is no longer there in 2011. It’s left for history and memories of the past.

First off I did some changes to my face but I didn’t find out how to make a skin yet. Still have to use a tattoo. I forgot I could still change the shape of my face. I look a little more like myself now I think.

My Avatar face in Second Life

There is this place called Teazers Island where they have classes on many different subjects. I mostly joined in the classes that taught how to make objects. All the classes are free by the way including all the supplies to make the objects! I’ll show you some stuff you can learn how to make also! Some of this stuff may seem simple to some but I am just learning how to do this and learned some interesting tricks. You can search in the events find window for “teazers” for upcoming classes.

Second Life Poser Stand

This object is very useful when creating new objects or trying to fit on clothes or other objects! It’s called a “poser stand”, you can stand on it and move the camera around easily without moving your character. The instructor provided the textures and walked you through creating and manipulating the prims!

Second Life Poser Ball

This is called a “poser ball.” I didn’t know what it was until I took the class. It allows you set up a pose, how you look, when sitting down or just standing in a certain way. Recently I took a class about making a cushion and we used a poser ball to have the character sit in different ways.

My Bouncing Ball in Second Life

This object is from the first class I attended. It’s supposed to be a beachball which bounces around when moved. At this early stage I didn’t know how to stretch correctly so it came out deformed, but it did bounce around. The instructor provided the script for the bouncing to work.

Second Life Fishing Bowl

Look it’s a fishbowl with animated fish! I learned how to create the fishbowl and was provided the fish. I don’t know if they have any classes on making fish yet. It was really interesting to see how all the different prims fit together. This one made me excited!

Second Life Cake

This is a cake that actually gives a user a piece of the cake for them to attach to their hand. This was more complicated than others cause there were two different objects tied together with a script. This was really interesting to me.

Hat for St Patty's Day

This was the coolest thing that I got to learn how to make! It’s a St. Patty’s day hat with clovers comming out of the hat. I was taught how to make the hat by manipulating prims. Once we created the hat we took the script and clover that was provided by the instructor and placed it in the contents of the hat! We didn’t go though too much about how to change the script but was taight how to slow it down. There are other classes which teach scripting.

Glasses in Second Life

This one was a bit too confusing for me. I was used to making big objects. The prims to make glasses were so small and I wasn’t good at moving the camera around. I fell behind and at the end of the class I got up to this point. The instructor suggested I should make bigger glasses so I can see how everything fits together easily. I am planning on trying this one again.

My Table in Second Life

I just took this class this morning. An oriental table with cushions to sit on! This class really taught me a lot and shows how to use a poser ball for sitting on the cushions.

Teazers is also looking for instructors to help out. The instructors get paid for doing classes. This really seems an interesting way to make some money and provide a service to the community. I have more experiences to talk about but I think I filled up this space with too much anyway. Till next time!