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Finding Twinity From a SL Interview

Space Junky plays some great songs in Second Life

One day I was checking out some news about Second Life and found a nice interview of SpaceJunky from mmorpg. If you love live musical events in SL then you should check out this interview and the band. I will be looking for them in the future now that I’m spending a bit more time in SL. This band is the resident band of a new online show called “Life On Line”.

So of course I wanted to check out the show and went to their website. It’s a show about virtual worlds and social networks online. A very fun talk show which brings some great news of upcoming new technologies and talent. This is where I heard of a virtual world called Twinity. This new world is a bit different. They are making replicas of real life cities which they only have Berlin right now. Even the avatars can look like you in real life by using real pictures with their facegen setup.

Twinity is similar to Second Life as a virtual world
Made this with two pictures of me. Still doesn’t look exactly like me.

Twinity has events going on but I haven’t attended one yet. I’m just starting to check things out and made my avatar but it doesn’t look exactly like me. You can buy or rent apartments for yourself and decorate it with stuff you buy with virtual money. This is still in beta and their will be a subscription to have your own place in the future. It looks like you will be able to use real money to buy virtual things but not sure if you can take money out yet. I still need to explore more in the world but wanted to share it with others who might want to check it out.

Melting Your Brain in Second Life

There is magic in second life and you can find it from Tuna Oddfellow. In a world where anyone can pull a rabbit from a hat or fly up to the skies, this real life magician has found a way to make something very magical. His shows are mind bending illusions at it’s best in Second Life! He won the NBC “Avatar’s Got Talent” and was announced on an episode of “America’s Got Talent”.

I’ve seen many of his shows and still shocked at how good he can use textures, music and effects to make something so amazing. If you get to see his show be sure to pull back and move your camera around to see all the fantastic visuals. Best to be there before the show so you can be amazed how the world around you changes.

I was given a hat for this show I am attending which changes colors, textures and effects during the show. All of this is controlled by Tuna Oddfellow. His regular shows are 11am SLT on Sundays, and 7pm SLT on Mondays. Visit the Oddfellow Studios.

New Years Celebrations in SL

Have a Happy New Year in Second Life

I usually spend my New Years Eve home with my friends or family watching parties on TV. But this year I wondered what kind of events people were attending in Second Life. I started reading a fellow VTOR author, weirdharold, post about New Years Events. I first attended the Jack Crowne and the Coronas at the Luxor Stage for a couple of minutes but wanted a more personal live music than a simulcast. I did some searches for more live music and found Cylindrian Rutabaga singing at the Elbow Room which is a very small bar for the event but it was still fun to crowd in this place and listen to her beautiful singing.

Click on the pictures to zoom in:
Listening to two fantastic musicians in Second LifeNew Years special live music event in Second LifeCylindrian Rutabaga singing for New Years in Second LifeListening to Cylindrian Rutabaga in Second Life

After spending an hour listening to Cylindrian sing I went to the Lily Pad Lounge to listen to Starr Singer and Kim Seifert. Very good singing and had a lovely time. I was given some 2007 glasses for free so I put them on for the whole night. At midnight on the east coast the sim crashed and I couldn’t hear or see the event anymore. I wanted to hear the countdown and maybe a good new years song.

Once I got back on second life I found that Johnny99 Gumshoe was playing at the Old Salt’s Pub LIVE all night. I went there and listened to him play his guitar masterfully. I also got to hear him celebrate his new years in the central time zone. He played a wonderful rendition of the “Auld Lang Syne” song which was great! I stayed here for a while and loved every minute of it.

Wearing glasses for New Years party eventBill and Pam Hevercamp play for New Years in Second LifeJohnny99 Gumshoe live music event in Second Life

Then I wanted to try another event. Bill and Pam Hevercamp was playing at the Vanity Castle so wanted to find out how a group act sounded. Pam usually sings and Bill plays the guitar. Bill sings some songs as well. They do very well together and have a great chemistry in their act. At Midnight Second Life Time I spent my time listening to Johnny99 Gumshoe play until I had to leave and get some sleep.

For me I had a wonderful time spending my new years eve in Second Life. It was an exciting experience and had lot more fun than watching events on TV. I got to interact with other people listening and with the singers themselves. I even found some virtual park places where people were shooting off fireworks. I didn’t take any pictures of them, though.

Mainstream Music Industry entering second life

Ever since I joined Second life I have been an explorer looking for adventures. I sometimes get surprised how much fun one can have in this virtual world without putting much money into it. I have no property or business but I can still make enough money to buy clothes. I usually make money by playing Slingo and Tringo. Also by attending scriptschool on fridays I can get some money too. I have played games, listened to live music and attended races. This time I found a place which is bringing the big music companies into second life. I’m not a big fan of the big music industry. I’d rather support the musicians and singers who are not signed. But when something big happens I have to check it out.

Universal Motown Records Group in Second Life

Something is happening on June 25th which is this weekend! The Universal Motown Records Group are bringing in two artists for a meet and great for their fans. I first found out about it from 3pointd.com and started reading up on it more. I also travelled to the place at St. Martin region and was impressed with the setup. The first artist on June 25th will be Chamillionaire which I haven’t heard of but I’m probably just too old now. I listened to the tracks they had set up and wasn’t my type of music I’d listen to but I know their are a lot of fans out there. The next day on June 26th the band, Hinder, will be in second life also. Their music is more my type of style so I was entertained when I was listening to their music.

Here is the press release if you would like to read it for yourself. They are allowing 100 people into this event by using a trivia question. The first 100 correct answers will get their free tickets to the event. The “box office” opens on Friday morning at 9am SLT. This is actually an interesting idea because the fans should be the ones who attend the event. There will be a video of the event after for anyone who couldn’t attend. But 100 avatars may slow down the sim so I hope things will work out for them. Search for “soundscape” in the events tab for more info on this event.

The live musicians and singers of Second Life

I posted about live entertainment in another post, here, and wanted to expand on that post with some names of good performers on second life. Remember you can find any event in the find/events window under Live Music category! Check out my previous post for other ways of finding live music.

Frogg Marlowe

Frogg Marlowe playing piano in Second LifeGuitar playing Frogg Marlowe at a live music event

A good singer who has been on second life for awhile is Frogg Marlowe. He plays guitar and sometimes the piano. He also writes his own songs as well. Some of his songs were inspired by second life. When he plays solo he sounds very good and I am sure you will enjoy it! He will sometimes be accompanied with his friend, Jaycatt Nico, on the piano.

Jaycatt Nico

Jaycatt Nico playing piano in Second LifeLive Piano event with Jaycatt Nico

When Jaycatt and Frogg play together it sounds really great. You can usually find them on Fridays from 7 to 9 SL time at “The Gathering.” You Should try to catch them at least once to experience what great artists we have in second life. Jaycatt plays piano masterfully and listening to him play alone is amazing.

Juel Resistance

Juel Resistance playing in Second Life and singing beautifully Juel Resistance sings at a live event in Second Life

Juel Resistance is one of those singers you should really listen to. She has a great voice and gives fantastic performances. She is a singer and a song writer. She plays guitar while she sings and has such a great personality. She was one of the first singers I have ever heard on Second life. She’s the reason I have been so interested in live music in second life. She also has her own place at “The Living Room” where she plays sometimes.

I have some other favorite performers also but I’ll write about them later.