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This post may be weird to some, interesting to others and exciting to others. When I first joined up to Second Life I found two places that got me very excited. The first was the showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” as I described in a previous post. The second is a place that was inspired by a comedy show that ran for 10 years on cable stations. Remember all those old science fiction B movies from the 70’s and 80’s? Did you just love to make fun of how cheesy they were or how bad the acting was? That is what MST3K is all about. The full name of the show was “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” It started off on “The Comedy Channel” and then switched over to “The Scifi Channel” where it ended. It lasted for ten years and was a unique comedy show.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 in Second Life

Some fans have found a way to bring the concept to Second Life. Elex Dusk has provided a theater outside of his Elbow Room club where he shows old movies. The audience watches it and makes fun of it by comments on the movie as it’s being shown. To make this all work at the same time we all have to buffer the movie. This means to push play on the movie control and wait until you see the movie playing. At this time Elex waits for everyone to be buffered and then he calls “movie sign” which means he is starting the movie again. This allows everyone to watch the movie at the same time and give comments on the same scenes. It works similar to the RHPS movie showings without the props and stage performances. Some of the shows are old movies, old ads or new amateur movies like the star trek movies made by fans. Come on down and make fun of these movies while everyone laughs at some great jokes. This event is usually happening every day at 7:00pm SL Time.

Dr. Who in Second Life

Doctor Who in Second Life place

I’m a big fan of the BBC television show, Dr. Who, which is being shown with new episodes in the U.K. and on BBC America, used to be on syfy in America. It’s about an alien time and space traveler who visits earth a lot. He saves the world constantly with scientific ways. His time machine is a London police call box, called the TARDIS, which is bigger inside than the outside! I posted on my personal blog about this show and the new episodes.

One day I saw two daleks, which are alien enemies of Dr. Who, fighting in Second Life. I never thought of looking for fans in this world. I know I should have thought about it because I found fans of RHPS and MST3K in second life. I decided I was going to search around for any objects I can find. Found the fighting daleks at “Dr. Who Museum” which were free and saw the tardis which disappears and moves around the sim. Check out the dalek ship and visit the store where one can buy the TARDIS!

Mask from the Doctor Who TV Series in Second Life

I also found Dalek avatars on sale at 5th Dimension Ltd! I haven’t seen anyone dressed up as one yet but I’m sure there are people out there who have it. I might buy one soon. They look so cool and scary! Now if you’re in America and watch scifi, be sure to catch the new season of Dr. who! This week is a good episode and I found a prop from this episode at the “land of Doctor who” sim above.

K9 from Doctor Who in Second Life

If you’re in the UK or some other countries you probably can catch season 2 and recently saw K-9! Well I found K-9 for sale at TechGirl Storeand he can actually scan areas for avatars or objects. He also follows you where ever you go. He’s kind of cute I must say.

Be on the lookout for your favorite TV shows! Do a search in the places tab on the find window! You’ll be surprised what you can find!