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New Years Celebrations in SL

Have a Happy New Year in Second Life

I usually spend my New Years Eve home with my friends or family watching parties on TV. But this year I wondered what kind of events people were attending in Second Life. I started reading a fellow VTOR author, weirdharold, post about New Years Events. I first attended the Jack Crowne and the Coronas at the Luxor Stage for a couple of minutes but wanted a more personal live music than a simulcast. I did some searches for more live music and found Cylindrian Rutabaga singing at the Elbow Room which is a very small bar for the event but it was still fun to crowd in this place and listen to her beautiful singing.

Click on the pictures to zoom in:
Listening to two fantastic musicians in Second LifeNew Years special live music event in Second LifeCylindrian Rutabaga singing for New Years in Second LifeListening to Cylindrian Rutabaga in Second Life

After spending an hour listening to Cylindrian sing I went to the Lily Pad Lounge to listen to Starr Singer and Kim Seifert. Very good singing and had a lovely time. I was given some 2007 glasses for free so I put them on for the whole night. At midnight on the east coast the sim crashed and I couldn’t hear or see the event anymore. I wanted to hear the countdown and maybe a good new years song.

Once I got back on second life I found that Johnny99 Gumshoe was playing at the Old Salt’s Pub LIVE all night. I went there and listened to him play his guitar masterfully. I also got to hear him celebrate his new years in the central time zone. He played a wonderful rendition of the “Auld Lang Syne” song which was great! I stayed here for a while and loved every minute of it.

Wearing glasses for New Years party eventBill and Pam Hevercamp play for New Years in Second LifeJohnny99 Gumshoe live music event in Second Life

Then I wanted to try another event. Bill and Pam Hevercamp was playing at the Vanity Castle so wanted to find out how a group act sounded. Pam usually sings and Bill plays the guitar. Bill sings some songs as well. They do very well together and have a great chemistry in their act. At Midnight Second Life Time I spent my time listening to Johnny99 Gumshoe play until I had to leave and get some sleep.

For me I had a wonderful time spending my new years eve in Second Life. It was an exciting experience and had lot more fun than watching events on TV. I got to interact with other people listening and with the singers themselves. I even found some virtual park places where people were shooting off fireworks. I didn’t take any pictures of them, though.

Christmas In Second Life

This will be my first Christmas holiday in Second Life so I thought I should do some holiday teleporting to find some fun stuff and items for this time of the year. I first looked for something to wear. I found a nice Santa outfit at Provocative Paradise for $20L. I then started checking out places around this virtual world.

My Christmas outfit for the holidays in Second LifeA nice Christmas tree in Second Life for the holidays

Here are some of the places I found:

  • Gilligan’s Island Winter Wonderland – Tons of xmas decorations and an ice ring you can ride a free sled on with santa skating around. You can also get free snowballs to throw. Just wear it and shoot them in mouseview. You can also watch a movie which was polar express when I went. There is also a train to ride and view the scenery. Very well done place to visit. There are many things to see so be sure to right click on the stuff you see as grey to make the textures show faster.
  • Provocative Paradise – [Provocative Paradise (17, 142, 23)] Another fun place to check out the great xmas decorations! This is the place where I found my Santa outfit for $20L. There are other outfits for women avatars too. Go on a snowball hunt and find prizes inside them! Take a ride on the train to see all the decorations! There are also stores to check out in this place for other stuff to buy.
  • Christmas Project – A very nice decorated place with some freebies. Be sure to get some free ice skates and skate on the ice! Also be sure to donate some money which all goes to a worthy charity.
Christmas is a great time to explore in Second LifeChristmas time in Second Life have snow globes

Haunted Followup

I wrote a lot about the Halloween events last month so I thought I should just give a followup of my experiences. There were some great places I visited in Second Life. One of the first places I found was the City of the DEAD while looking for a costume. The costume that I found was bloody and I loved it. I also found a costume with bullet holes which I can wear over a shirt. This is what I am wearing now until I feel in a different mood. Looking at these costumes gave me some great ideas for my next try in making clothes.

My avatar hung in Second Life for HalloweenSecond Life has Halloween props like this electric chair

Next I started to look for haunted houses for events. Some of the places really was amazing and I was sure to donate some money to their donation jars. I especially liked the Haunted Castle Maze! I have to admit that I haven’t finished this maze yet. Not because it was hard but because I didn’t have enough time. Also I found something else on Halloween day that took up hours of my time.

The place I found was SL Ghost Hill which I wrote about in my halloween day post. I found out about it from the Halloween goody bag I got from a linden. I didn’t have time to wander through it before I posted so I placed it 3rd on the list. If I had enough time I would have placed this place first on the list. It costs $50L for a 24 hour period but it was well worth the price. The biggest problem I had was the maze at the beginning. I was on the phone with a friend and I was getting so disouraged because everything was so black. This maze should have been easier to get through. I had to put up my brightness and contrast on my monitor to finally figure out the path which still was very hard. I do have to give my congrats to the staff who went out of there way to guide people through the maze. This is the reason a lot of people kept on going through the maze.

Once past the maze the mystery begins. You follow the events of Stephen Fonzarelli who was never seen again after entering the Ghost Hill house. Your job is to find 15 clues and a list of those clues in the sim. You can find these clues either in the house or other places outside. Some of these clues are really very hard to find and others were easy. You must look at everything very carefully moving the camera around to find all the clues. One of the reasons I liked this so much is because they also have a contest for everyone who has found all 15 clues. You can read more about it at their web page here! This contest ends on November 15th so you still might have time to enter this contest. Just find all 15 clues and you might win the 1/3 of the money made for this event. Not a bad way of getting some money for the lucky few. I also found a post about Ghost Hill at the “Second Life Herald” which is broken up into parts.

Halloween Fun Part 3

I recently wrote about some Halloween fun places and things to do in Second life. I found a lot more to add to the previous posts , part 1, and part 2, so I thought I would write a part 3. First Send an IM to “Trickortreat Linden” and get a Halloween goody bag! Probably will only work for Halloween day so be quick! The following list of places are the ones I found with Halloween houses or mazes. Have fun!

  • Haunted Castle Maze – Solve riddles and puzzles to get through this haunted maze! Outstanding work for this project. I really enjoyed this place and hope more of this kind of stuff can be made in this world.
  • Octoberville – This looks like the place to be today. explore the whole sim with Halloween scenery and haunted houses! There’s a train ride somewhere but couldn’t find it. Also talk about a creepy catacomb but couldn’t find it. There is also a scavenger hunt to participate in!
  • SL Ghost Hill – You need to pay to play in this haunted house. It costs $50 for a 24 hour period. It’s a fun time to spend your Halloween if you are willing to pay.
  • Haunted Hill – One of the better places to visit for Halloween. You can interact with the objects around you and the scenery is great! I was hung, electrocuted, grounded up into pieces, cut in half with my guts hanging out and spent time in a padded room.
  • The Haunted 2006 – A walk through house with great sound effects and floating ghosts all around. Walk through the bookcases! This was fun for me because of the scenery and stuff jumping out at you with awesome scary sound effects. I jumped once.
  • Halloween House on Gilligan’s Island – Lots of blood everywhere! not for the squeamish! Love the scenery and how everything was put together. Look for the “exit here” signs to go to the next rooms.
  • Haunted House Elevator – This was a fun place to explore. Read the note first before entering the elevator. Be ready for some fun scares and a fun maze!
  • Jansen Haunted Mansion – 3 stories of decorations but mostly just scenery. You can get electrocuted in one room.
  • Bates Motel – A reconstruction of the bates motel from the “Psycho” movie. Mostly just scenery and you can walk in the bathroom to see a bloody scene.
  • Vixens Isle – Walk through the house with creepy scenery and sounds around you!
  • Haunted House – Packed full of scary stuff for Halloween. Walk up the stairs to get more scares at this place!
  • Merlin’s Lair – Fun place to explore but those doors need some oil.

If you know of any other places or visited any of these and like to review it then leave a comment about it! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Now for me to go have some fun!

Halloween Fun Part 2!

In my previous post, Halloween Fun, I described how I found good places for my Halloween costume. This time I would like to post about a haunted house walk though location. It’s called Haunted Mansion and when you begin you should have the sun setting of second life to midnight. Go through the doors in front of you while watching and listening to the scary scenes! There are some places where it’s very hard to find the right path to go because it’s so dark. There are two spots exactly that I got lost but finally found the path after a couple of minutes. When you get to the section in the forest you might think you are trapped but there is an exit to this room. Just have to keep looking around! I love the scenery and the sounds of this place. It reminds me of walking through a real Halloween maze without all the people around you.

Spook house ride for Halloween in Second LifeBlood fountain for Halloween in Second LifeHalloween ride in Second Life with blood and guts

I also found another Halloween ride, Spook House Ride. This one is a real ride that you sit in and watch the scenery go by. Read the directions and be sure to go full screen so you can see everything. It costs $1L but that shouldn’t be a problem. This was more like the fun houses in a carnival that I remember. I also saw an article about this particular ride from Second Life Herald here.

Spook house for Halloween in Second LifeSecond Life has some great Halloween scare housesSecond Life Spook House with a candle burning for light

There are a lot more Halloween stuff I have found but will post it a bit later so I can get all my thoughts out without skipping any good details.