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Virtual Me coming to a Virtual World

Actually this post has been siting in my head and was started in December. I found something in Second Life that I’m a big fan of but I was too late to actually experience it. So I was going to wait until this event finished so I can write about it and hope to find out when it happens again. All was going great and had some great info to share but then suddenly what I was going to write about disappeared. So I had to wait hoping it will come back.

I’m a “Big Brother” fan and haven’t missed a show yet. Yes the reality show called “Big Brother” from Endemol. I just don’t watch the US version I also watch the UK and Australian version. If I could understand other languages I’d watch the other shows all over the world. Let’s just say I have friends who can share these shows with me. I also read all the forums and around this time every year I get excited. More excited than I get during Halloween. Actually The Australian version just started while I am typing this out. Don’t bother me when all three versions are happening at the same time!

Reality TV show comes to Second Life with Big Brother

So now you know what I am posting about here. In December I found out that Endemol ran a “Big Brother” game inside Second Life. Picking 15 people to participate in their virtual game show on their island. These avatars had to stay in a house for 1 month doing tasks and trying to get along with each other. Each contestant had to spend at least 8 hours a day in the house. People could go to the island and watch what was happening in the house. Then the people who are watching could vote for the person they want to stay. The person with the least amount of votes gets evicted. This ended in January with Madlen Flint as the winner. Today the house is no more and no signs of Endemol in the world.

I was debating to post about it knowing their is no place in SL anymore or just forget about it and move on. I was lucky this month because I found an article on BBC which referred to Big Brother and another virtual world. Virtual Me seems like it will bring the reality games on TV and bring them in their own virtual world. Endemol partnered with EA bringing something new to the virtual world community is very interesting to me. In the press release it says they will have it opened in a couple of months. I’m waiting for any more info with anticipation! They probably tried Second life and wasn’t impressed by it and now creating something that will do exactly what they want.

Second Life Newbie? Read a book!

Archebooks Publishing eBook store in Second Life

Here is one example where a company in Second Life got me interested in their real life work. I was searching around for stuff to do and found an event about a new book. This new book is “A beginner’s guide to Second Life” and you can read chapter 8 in second life. They also have a sample of the first chapter and chapter 8 on their website at Don’t know why I wasn’t able to read the first chapter in Second life.

When you go to their SL eBook store you will see some other books on display that you can sample too. Just buy them for free and wear it. You will find that a book comes up as a HUD display. Click on the pages to turn to the next page. I didn’t find it easy to read because of the slow rezzing and being a bit blurry. It’s still an interesting concept and it got me to their page where I found some books I might want to buy. The samples on the webpage are in pdf form and a lot easier to read.

Archebooks using a Book Hud to promote books in Second Life

This was only a post about the store in Second Life and the promotion of their website. This isn’t a review of the book because I haven’t bought it and only read the sample chapters. From what I read it looks very helpful for any newbies to this virtual world. You can also buy this book and others from some well known book stores online.

Need some computer help? Geeksquad to the rescue!

Geek Squad is in Second Life

If I ever need any help with hardware or software problems I can usually find an answer by a search engine. I can also ask questions at scriptschool from TD Goodliffe. What would I do if I couldn’t find any answer? I have never tried the people from geeksquad but I know my nieces have and was pleased with the service. Now you can find help from the geeksquad in Second life on their own Island. [ Geeksquad Island SLURL ]

When I teleported to the island I was greeted by a geeksquad agent and asked if I had any questions. I was just going to look around and had no questions so I thanked him and went to explore. I must say they did a fantastic job with this build. I was very impressed with every little detail that they put in. When you first go there you will be at the top where you should see some of the geeksquad people sitting around. Someone should be there from 3pm to midnight Second Life time. They will give free advice and counsel according to their article here. Later they probably will have pay services added too.

Second Life has Geek Squad helping peopleGeek Squad is in Second Life with a nice place

You will also find an elevator which will take you to the amphitheater and a unique transit system. Sit in the egg shaped device and get moved to different areas inside a tube. The amphitheater has some videos of what the Geeksquad do when they are helping out customers. Visit the home of the future and see some great devices they made in second life. I like the bed the best because it looks so cool when it moves.

There is also the museum which has plenty of history of computers and important events in the time line. Definitely try the bumper cars on top of the volcano! Looks really cool and would be fun with lot of others driving around bumping into each other. So if you have some technical questions or you just want to have some fun for the day you should check this place out. It made me want to be part of the Geeksquad but trying to explain computers to my family drives me crazy so I’ll pass.

Second Life casinos gets a FBI Visit.

Slots may not be around anymore in Second Life

This article was very interesting to me. I have tried some of the gambling in Second Life but didn’t make a lot. This was always troubling to me because of the current laws against gambling in my state and on the internet. I am not a big gambler in real life anyway so it was no surprise that I wouldn’t use it to make any serious money. My question is will the FBI even address this issue, not inforce it or start going after owners with no warnings? Governments usually never give a clear meaning in these circumstances. I guess we will have to wait and see if there is any answer to this question. Doesn’t look promising according to the article.