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Boldly going where no avatar has gone before?

Star fleet headquarters from Star Trek in Second LifeStar Trek fans have a place to roleplay in Second Life

Here I am standing at SL Starfleet Headquarters [SLURL] in Second Life. What am I doing here? What is the purpose of this place? Well this is a Star Trek Role Playing Area. In their manual it describes themselves as a counterpart to the real life organization STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. Their website has plenty of information for fans and events.

Showing off a star ship from Star Trek in Second Life
A really good video report on the Starfleet Sim from

These people have ranks and uniforms and rules to follow in their sims. Seems they welcome outsiders because I never saw or was told to leave. I did find someone else who made some videos and went on a tour. So if you’re interested, you should check out the videos above to learn more about it. I’m not a huge fan of Star Trek so I wasn’t interested in the Role playing but it seems like a great place for fans to meet others. There are plenty of Role playing in Second Life and I think it’s an interesting way of expressing what you really enjoy.

Second Life Video Tutorials

I thought it would be a great idea to collect all the second life video tutorials I found on the internet for a post. I recently saw one that taught me something I never knew. I never knew I could move the camera this easily and without any restriction. Thought it would be very helpful to others as well!

A really good video tutorial on camera controls!

I think that should cover a lot of the video tutorials. The wiki at secondlife is the best to find all you can ever want. If I find any more interesting videos I’ll add them to this post later.

Get your green out in Second Life for St. Patrick’s Day!

Wearing a huge St. Patrick's hat in Second LifeEnjoying events in Second Life on St. Patty's day

Today is St. Patrick’s day and it will be celebrated in Second Life as well as first life. I already went shopping and got a big green hat to wear from Winyah Forest Shoppe [SLURL]. A shirt with “It’s a green thing, you wouldn’t understand” written on it from Sanctuary Shops & Lofts. I am all ready to party with my avatar! There are other places who are selling stuff for this day but most of the wearable stuff are for women of course. If I find any more I’ll add on to this post.

The next thing I have to do is find the fun events so I can have some fun! There are some parties with live singing and dj’s playing irish music. I might attend some of these if I have a chance. If you do a search there are plenty to choose from so I picked some that I will be attending or the ones that look interesting. I am planning on listening and checking out the blarney stone party mostly.

  • 2 day party events in The Blarney Stone Irish Bar [SLURL] starting at 11am SLT. This event has a website at Dublin Virtually Live and can be listened to by pointing your music player to:
  • Rave Party in The Munitions at 12pm SLT.
  • Another party in Love Harbor [SLURL] at 12pm SLT.
  • Another party in Sensual Excitement at 1pm SLT.
  • Irish bands in Bubblegum Music Factory at 4pm SLT.

If I find any other good places I will add more later today!

Walking for linden money instead of camping?

Publicenter walking board for Second LifePublicenter walking boards ready to be used in Second Life

I found a place in Second Life which allows you to wear an advertising board on your avatar so you can walk around as a moving ad. You can make $2L/10 min walking around. First you go to publicenter corporation (SLURL) and go to the back of the building to find the ad distributors. Click on the device and you will receive the wearable ad in your inventory. Wear it and a notecard will tell you the rules!


This rule looks very clear to me so when I walk around in second life with this on I stay on the public street. There is a floating text above me to show others how to get involved with this. It’s not a lot of money and I have no idea how they track to make sure you are following the rules. I walked around, stood still, sat down and still made the 2L every 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes the money gets paid to you right away. Don’t have to wait to go back to the center. But after awhile you will be told to go back to the center to get a new ad board.

I’m sure there are camping chairs and other places which pay lot more than this. After checking this out they moved their building to a new sim. There’s also been talk about it being a scam from Prokofy Neva who had a store near them. At this time of this writing I have used it and did get paid. As an advertiser I would hope they give information where these people are going. I have seen some of these people wearing the board in private places which is not liked by the owners.

Instead of camping you can walk around with an adboardThese walking adboards are being banned in Second Life

For people who are looking to advertise this way there is an email to get information about the prices. Not sure what ads they accept but most look like international places. There is no other information about the prices in the building so they probably want to deal directly with the advertiser. I have no ad to place so I can’t try it and see the results. It is an interesting idea outside of the camping chair mentality. Just have to wait and see how long they will be providing this service or how many people get banned from places who don’t want them.

Is this better or worse than giving out t-shirts with your place’s name on it? One difference is the boards pay for you to wear them. Another difference is that the boards are scripted which won’t work in non scripting areas. Is this good or bad for advertisers? Is this good or bad for Second Life. In my opinion it’s too early to know for sure. There are better ways to advertise in SL and better ways to make money.

New Tringo on the block and it has TEETH!

Version 2.0 of Tringo is now being played in Second Life

I was lucky to find an event at 1am on March 1st in Second Life by Kermitt Quirk. I was searching for tringo games but didn’t find many except for something called tringo 2. Had to check it out and was amazed at all the options in this new version. The game comes with new block patterns, new style of playing and a brand new look! I didn’t even recognise the game when I got to the island.

The board of Tringo looks really nice now

The cards come out tumbling toward you when you click on the board. The cards look like a calculator with the score to the right side and the current block on the left side. Their are 20 different block sets each one with different strategies to get a high score. I was getting beaten up with some of these blocks. I was stuck in the first 5 moves playing with the wall block set. If you hated the X block in regular tringo you will hate the spotless pattern which has no middle block. There’s the smiley block set which was fun but challenging. The castle block set with a lot of big blocks looking like the letter A. Deathstar pattern with some having no block in the middle. The classic block set from the original version is available also!

Some of the other patterns are duck, eagle, snowflake, windmill, anchor, pacman, ghost, peace, pi, pipes, pyramid, star, teddy and tringo set. Another new feature is when you win you get fireworks coming from your board. It has a better way of splitting prize money when there is a tie between 2 or more players. The main board shows the top 10 scores and is just one piece instead of two pieces like in the original. The host can also set the number of rounds to play where the board resets at the end of each round but keeping your scores until all the rounds are played.

The best added feature is the different game variations, which are classic, last man standing and progressive. The Last Man Standing (LMS) is the best variation to play on some of the difficult block sets. If you can’t place a block on your board you are out of the game. The last player still in the game and with the highest score wins the pot! With the classic block set the game can last for hours with good players. The highest score I saw was 1000 and it took over 20 minutes to play. This should be a big hit with some of the tournament events for the future!

Kermitt Quirk showing off new version of Tringo in Second LifeTringo version 2.0 main board in Second Life

The progressive mode starts at a slower speed for the first round and then gets faster for each round played until it’s on speed which allows you 5 seconds to place your piece. This can be fun but I don’t expect this variation will be too popular. Also all the games can be set at any speed the host wants from 25 seconds to 5 seconds which is nice! I like it at 7 seconds.

During the month of March, Kermitt Quirk has his tringo 2 board setup at island. They have game events every day with different hosts. Most of the time the winner of the previous game picks the block set to play in the next game. Which brings in another reason to try to win so you can pick your favorite set. I’ve played all the block sets except for star. Some are easy and others are very challenging.

On April 1st it will be available to buy for anyone and should be seeing it throughout the world. At this time it’s only exclusive to the way2play island. The more people who play and find bugs the more stable the game will become. Kermitt will also listen to suggestions and problems so he can make it better. The one thing I want is some sound especially at the beginning of the game so I know when it starts. I sometimes miss it and too late to get a good score. Buyers may buy the classic tringo 1.2 game from this island and receive tringo 2 for free when it is available!

They have also released the pc downloadable version of the classic tringo game. You can either go to the island and click on the ads all over the place or go to their website here. The free trial version can be played for 45 minutes and then you must buy the full version. If you like the game that much then this is a good way of playing better! You will also find t-shirts you can buy on the island for $25L!

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