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Unique and fun SL event!

Sometimes it takes a unique person to come up with something that is so unique in life that is fun and entertaining. There are things in this life that one would never think about. This happens in second life too. Lot of the things I find in second life is just interesting and fun but not exactly unique. Well a couple of months ago I met someone who has talent and uniqueness that I actually was totally impressed. This person created an event held every weekend that is fun to participate and watch! It’s not something you would see every day.

I changed my avatar into a racing snailFun time racing snails in Second Life

The event is called “Giant Snail race” and is created and hosted by Racerx Gullwing. You can click this link to visit the track. When you get there you will see a small pyramid with a snail on top to the right. Use it to teleport up to the track in the air. When you meet Racerx you’ll see a rabbit and usually he will take off his hat and say hello to you. Sometimes he will have a snail right by his side following him everywhere. I was confused when I first saw the snail races but the next week I went to the class and started understanding it. The race is held every Saturday at 11am SLT but if you want to race you need to go to the snail class at 10am before the race.

Basically You get a snail avatar which is free. Change into this avatar and fix up your camera view so you can see. Then you will run through the course going through each checkpoint. Some of the checkpoints are on the ground and others are in the air. Snails don’t fly so you have to get on these flippers that will throw you in the air through the checkpoints. All you have to do is follow the arrows and go through all 18 checkpoints. You must go through 3 laps to finish the race. Only 4 snails race at one time. Everyone else sits on bleachers which actually move when the race is on so you can watch the snails go by. If more than 4 snails want to race then more races will be held. For the winner there is a money prize. After the race the track course is blown up to bits. If you still think this is a dream then you really should check it out on your own! I usually try to attend the event every Saturday either racing or just watching.

Snail racing cross country for charity relay for life.

On July 15th there will be a cross country snail race for charity at the same time as the usual races are held. The charity is Relay For Life American Cancer Society so it’s a really good cause. The winner will receive money and other prizes. Also if you donate the most money to the charity you will receive prizes also. I am hoping I will have the time to race. It’s such a fun time and having fun for a good cause is always great.

Mainstream Music Industry entering second life

Ever since I joined Second life I have been an explorer looking for adventures. I sometimes get surprised how much fun one can have in this virtual world without putting much money into it. I have no property or business but I can still make enough money to buy clothes. I usually make money by playing Slingo and Tringo. Also by attending scriptschool on fridays I can get some money too. I have played games, listened to live music and attended races. This time I found a place which is bringing the big music companies into second life. I’m not a big fan of the big music industry. I’d rather support the musicians and singers who are not signed. But when something big happens I have to check it out.

Universal Motown Records Group in Second Life

Something is happening on June 25th which is this weekend! The Universal Motown Records Group are bringing in two artists for a meet and great for their fans. I first found out about it from and started reading up on it more. I also travelled to the place at St. Martin region and was impressed with the setup. The first artist on June 25th will be Chamillionaire which I haven’t heard of but I’m probably just too old now. I listened to the tracks they had set up and wasn’t my type of music I’d listen to but I know their are a lot of fans out there. The next day on June 26th the band, Hinder, will be in second life also. Their music is more my type of style so I was entertained when I was listening to their music.

Here is the press release if you would like to read it for yourself. They are allowing 100 people into this event by using a trivia question. The first 100 correct answers will get their free tickets to the event. The “box office” opens on Friday morning at 9am SLT. This is actually an interesting idea because the fans should be the ones who attend the event. There will be a video of the event after for anyone who couldn’t attend. But 100 avatars may slow down the sim so I hope things will work out for them. Search for “soundscape” in the events tab for more info on this event.


This post may be weird to some, interesting to others and exciting to others. When I first joined up to Second Life I found two places that got me very excited. The first was the showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” as I described in a previous post. The second is a place that was inspired by a comedy show that ran for 10 years on cable stations. Remember all those old science fiction B movies from the 70’s and 80’s? Did you just love to make fun of how cheesy they were or how bad the acting was? That is what MST3K is all about. The full name of the show was “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” It started off on “The Comedy Channel” and then switched over to “The Scifi Channel” where it ended. It lasted for ten years and was a unique comedy show.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 in Second Life

Some fans have found a way to bring the concept to Second Life. Elex Dusk has provided a theater outside of his Elbow Room club where he shows old movies. The audience watches it and makes fun of it by comments on the movie as it’s being shown. To make this all work at the same time we all have to buffer the movie. This means to push play on the movie control and wait until you see the movie playing. At this time Elex waits for everyone to be buffered and then he calls “movie sign” which means he is starting the movie again. This allows everyone to watch the movie at the same time and give comments on the same scenes. It works similar to the RHPS movie showings without the props and stage performances. Some of the shows are old movies, old ads or new amateur movies like the star trek movies made by fans. Come on down and make fun of these movies while everyone laughs at some great jokes. This event is usually happening every day at 7:00pm SL Time.

Advanced Business Tips

I came across a great article about advanced business by Aimee Weber from the new world notes blog. She talks about how to advertise a business and how to get your name out to others. Most of the tips can be used for a business outside of second life as well. Be sure to read the comments because there are some excellent tips in there as well. I wanted to be sure eveyone reading this blog and VTOR authors knew about it. Very useful for people who has a business now or for future