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The Hobo Village

Today I was checking some stuff out on the web and found an interesting blog entry here:

YouTube has an interesting video of a pretty extensive hobo village that’s been built in Second Life.

I checked out the video at and found it quite interesting. I did some more investigating and found more videos from the same guy at his YouTube Profile. He narrates all his videos which make it more interesting to me than other second life videos.

I also found that he has a site at He is looking for interesting people in the game and watching them interact with the hobo village. I am hoping to see more videos from this guy in the future. The stuff he has now was very interesting. Here are some links to his videos for easy access. You can also go to the link to his YouTube profile above!

The Hobo Village in Second Life is interesting

I actually went to the hobo village in the game and found it very nice and a great place to see some fantastic designs. There are other places to visit down the road like a fireworks shops and freebie place. Also saw a tree house and some horses for sale. There is an actual running train on the train tracks. A nice place to visit when you can!

Las Vegas Opening Night

This post is about an old place in Second Life which is no longer there in 2011. It’s left for history and memories of the past. This place might have moved.

Second Life MGM Grand building

I attended the opening night of a new sim called Las Vegas on April 8, 2006. This was the first opening night I ever attended so I put on a suit and went to the sim. I found out about this by searching through the events for live music. Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico were playing in the MGM Grand with a good audience attending. The music was fantastic and later we got to see a video of how the sim was put together by some talented people. After that we all went out to take a look at the entertainment on this sim. Lot of work went into this great place.

Luxor from Las Vegas in Second Life


There’s of course the MGM Grand where they have a stage for performers and a place to dance with plenty of seating area. Right across the street is The Luxor where they have a maze inside. It’s a confusing maze until you figure out hot to find the places to go. Some very nice rooms in the maze to look at.

Roller Coaster in Second Life

Riding a roller coaster in Second life


At the New York New York you can ride the Manhattan Express coaster for $10. The first ride I actually got to ride in second life and it was quite interesting. After the ride I looked at some stores and then went across the street again to the Venetian Hotel. It’s a perfect place to have a romantic gondola ride around the different shops. The ride was so relaxing and easy to maneuver through the water. I spent some time looking at the stores until I moved on down the street.

Stratosphere build in Second Life

A bungee jump in Second Life of of the stratosphere building


I visited the Stratosphere and saw the whole view of the sim from the top. It’s a very high building and you can see everything from up there. The next thing I tried is the bungee jump off the tower. You need to buy a bungee harness for $10 and then wear it on yourself. Just walk off the edge of the tower and watch yourself bounce up and down. Lot of fun to see how this actually works. After awhile the harness lets go and you fall to the ground.

Across the street from the stratosphere is a wedding chapel with a place for drive-thru weddings just like the real Las Vegas. There is also the Caesars palace which I think will become a casino in the future. Right now there’s nothing in it. For my first opening night event I had a fun time exploring and listening to the entertainment. I’ll have to look out for more of these events so I can explore all the fun stuff in this virtual world. If you are looking for more info you can visit their webpage here or look at some other pictures from the sim by other users who have posted them at here!

Update: Found a video clip on showing las vegas as it was being built. Check it out HERE!

Hello, I have a Slingo Addiction

Second Life Slingo is very addicting

Hello, My name is JohnnyRS and I have a slingo addiction. I have been playing slingo almost every day for a month or more on second life. I have won some good money with this game and other times I have been so mad when I lose lot of my points in the game. Some days I have won 2 or 3 times in a row. Other times I have lost every game in a day. Yes I am a Slingo addict and I don’t care.

Slingo is a cross between Bingo and Slots. A player has 20 turns to “spin” the numbers below his or her bingo card. Five numbers appear, and if they are found on the card, they can be marked off. There are also special symbols that can come up to gain more points or take away points. The coin and angel will give you $1000 points. The devil will take away HALF of your points. You gain points by clearing a line of numbers on the card. You gain $1000 points for each line you clear. You also gain $3000 points for filling a pattern which changes for each game. You also gain $5000 points for filling all the numbers on the card. Slingo originated on AOL and can be played in second life now. When you join a game you may find it very addicting.

At the start of the game everyone’s puts in some money into the POT which goes to the person with the highest points after the game. Some places require a contribution to the POT. Others don’t require it but some players might point you out if you give nothing for awhile. Most places will require 20% to 40% of your winnings back into the pot if it’s a big winning. Some places like Icedragons Playpen have problems with lag so the games can be very slow. If you go to another place you will find it a lot faster. Sometimes slow can be good and other times it’s torture waiting for the next round. Slingo doesn’t take much strategy but a lot of LUCK because you just need to fill in the numbers kind of like bingo. The only strategy is when you get a blue or green joker. The blue joker lets you mark any number in the column it’s in. The green joker lets you mark any number on your CARD! So by placing these numbers in a good spot may get you more points.

In second life, slingo is a game where players use lot of different sound clips. Don’t be surprised if you hear gun shots while you are playing because someone probably just received a devil symbol and they want to get their frustration out with a sound clip. Some of the sound clips are very funny. Some are used so much it gets to be irritating.

The live musicians and singers of Second Life

I posted about live entertainment in another post, here, and wanted to expand on that post with some names of good performers on second life. Remember you can find any event in the find/events window under Live Music category! Check out my previous post for other ways of finding live music.

Frogg Marlowe

Frogg Marlowe playing piano in Second LifeGuitar playing Frogg Marlowe at a live music event

A good singer who has been on second life for awhile is Frogg Marlowe. He plays guitar and sometimes the piano. He also writes his own songs as well. Some of his songs were inspired by second life. When he plays solo he sounds very good and I am sure you will enjoy it! He will sometimes be accompanied with his friend, Jaycatt Nico, on the piano.

Jaycatt Nico

Jaycatt Nico playing piano in Second LifeLive Piano event with Jaycatt Nico

When Jaycatt and Frogg play together it sounds really great. You can usually find them on Fridays from 7 to 9 SL time at “The Gathering.” You Should try to catch them at least once to experience what great artists we have in second life. Jaycatt plays piano masterfully and listening to him play alone is amazing.

Juel Resistance

Juel Resistance playing in Second Life and singing beautifully Juel Resistance sings at a live event in Second Life

Juel Resistance is one of those singers you should really listen to. She has a great voice and gives fantastic performances. She is a singer and a song writer. She plays guitar while she sings and has such a great personality. She was one of the first singers I have ever heard on Second life. She’s the reason I have been so interested in live music in second life. She also has her own place at “The Living Room” where she plays sometimes.

I have some other favorite performers also but I’ll write about them later.

Second life in the news

Second Life in the businessweek magazine

While I was browsing the web I found an article on second life in business week It’s a very interesting article that I thought the visitors and vtor authors might want to check out. It’s a great article that explains a lot about second life to new users also.

If anyone is listening to TWIT with leo laporte and other hosts, then you should check out TWIT #50 for a reference to second life. Doesn’t seem they know too much about it but at least it was talked about. I know Leo used to show off There on TV sometimes.